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So excited...and sweaty omg!

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  • So excited...and sweaty omg!

    Hi all!
    My mom bought me the Fit and Fabulous book YEARS ago and I foolishly tried it once and gave up. Now I’m 8 months post c section (with a fair bit of lingering numbness in my lower belly) and I NEED to start doing something. I remember TTAPP being mentioned the The Better Baby book so I pulled out the book and the DVDs I bought awhile back. I am off work this week so perfect time to start a boot camp.

    I started with Instuctional #1 and I am blown away by the heat, the cardio, and the way the muscles in my legs feel. I honestly couldn’t do every exercise as I’m sure the flowing lymph after my fast food dinner last night could be giving me some nausea plus my legs just didn’t feel that strong.

    My my question is - is the Instructional #1 every day this week enough of a “boot camp” or should I try to do 1 and 2? Also, it says not to “diet” but I’ve already been doing weight watchers so would you stick with that or focus solely
    on TTAPP? I really hope I’m doing this with good form too. I tried to stay slow enough to be aware but I always second guess myself. Maybe that will stop as I find my inner voice like the book says.

    Thanks for for reading all that

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    I would stick with instructional 1 by itself for awhile. It will help your form as well as going slower to able to really get that brain-body connection! It's great that you're already noticing great benefits-- that showshyou're working hard! If you want to do a bootcamp, I would suggest doing 7 days, maybe 10 at the most. Being just eight months postpartum, you don't want to push too hard and crash! Are you breast-feeding as well?

    Do trust the process and don't overthink it. Form is definitely important, but stressing over it is NOT good. Consistency is key, and as you continue to get more connected, form will improve.

    You can stick with instructional 1 as long as you need to, and then when you're ready you could switch to the Basic Workout. Then you could alternate with instructional 2 or even split instructional 2 up so you have short workouts each day and don't end up overtraining. Splitting it up between Runners Stretch and the Arms portion is a good halfway point.

    Keep up the great work! Please let us know if you have any more questions!
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      Hi Trisch!
      thanks for the advice!
      Yea, I am breast feeding. It has been a struggle off and on and I think this could really help. One of my holistic doctors actually suggested walking and the mini rebounder to get my lymph flowing for improved milk supply. I did do the mini rebounder for a short time but then found sports bras unbearable and I’m too large to go without while jumping.

      I will stick with instructional 1 until I go back to work next Monday and then reassess. I’d like to look much better by her first birthday in October.

      Thanks again!!



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        Please don't over do when you are postpartum and actually don't ever overdo if you need to nurse full time. Lactation is very tiring and requires a lot of rest and nutrients. Basic is more than enough especially when you are nursing.

        Don't worry that you will be getting bigger and bigger until after you stop nursing full time and the child starts table food.
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          Hi! Thank you!!

          I am trying not to overdo it. I had hired a personal trainer that wanted me to eat 1500 calories a day and do these crazy circuits that she swore were safe while breastfeeding. Something felt off so I bumped my calories up to 1800 before I even started her plan and I didn’t do the workouts for very long. I wound up eating around 2200 calories per day and adjusted whatever I thought necessary to make sure milk was the best it could be.

          As they say “food before one is just for fun”, but she LOVES purées so she’s eating 5-8 oz per day of organic baby food. She still relies on me and I nurse on demand 24/7.

          At first I was on strict elimination diets because we couldn’t tell if something in my milk was bothering her. Thankfully I’ve been able to add almost everything back in with no issues. I think eating a more ketogenic/paleo diet seems to help me feel better and her seem more satiated.


          • ayj67
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            It really is not calories in and calories out, our body is not a machine, and whatever good fat that you eat and whatever nutrient that you got from meat, vegetable and fruit will be in your milk and in turn, your baby is eating them too. Feed yourself well. I think US is the only culture tells mother's to go on diet. There is no old culture starve the mother, starving mother is starving the child.

            I too agree Keto or Paleo diet will be the best nutrients for your and the baby. In fact, go to the Nutrient and Diet area and find the Wahl's diet to bump your Keto/Paleo to another level.

            You need a lot of good fat to feed the baby's brain and your brain too, this will ensure smart baby and mother without depression.

          • Chrissyteen
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            I agree. My "trainer" was very misinformed. I was ashamed of the money I invested. But I did my own thing and managed to lose 10 lbs in 12 weeks without too much stress so that was helpful.

            My Mom was telling me about the Wahls protocol, too. She was going to try it for health purposes. I basically eat a modified Wahls protocol based on what I have found on the internet. I just don't eat fruit currently.

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          Chrissyteen If you have access to a public library, her books are available there.
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          • Chrissyteen
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            Thank you! I actually signed up on her website and downloaded the cheat sheet. It’s a little more extreme that I thought it was.

          • AlisaJDrury
            AlisaJDrury commented
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            Chrissyteen Yes, I agree. I am sure once you do it for a while, it gets easier. I am ok with a pound of vegetables a day (which has to get expensive) but having to think about which colors which days would be a bit much for me. I DO believe it is an amazing program though.