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Awesome legs without flat back

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  • Awesome legs without flat back

    Hi, I just tried the Awesome Legs exercise, and I'm running into issues with the flat back.

    I don't have a flat back, it's sway.
    The first time I tried Awesome Legs I couldn't feel my legs working at all, because I was using my back muscles (which weren't fully touching the floor). It works a little better with a pillow under my hips and mid back, but is there anything else I can do? Or anything I can check to make sure I'm in a correct position even with the pillow? TIA

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    It's important to make sure you are engaging your core, even if you have sway back. Focus on belly button up then back to spine to flatten the back as best you can.

    You can place a rolled hand towel just below the tailbone to form a "wedge" of sorts to help you know that your core is engaged. Your tailbone will roll up onto the towel if you lose ab activation.

    Also think to reach "through" from your core through your legs vs just straightening them. That will help keep the core muscles engaged as you do the move. You may need to slow it down a bit so you can focus on form.

    Please let me know if you have any questions about any of that!
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      Very helpful! This is definitely working much better! Thank you so much


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        Glad to help!