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  • I'm Back!

    Hello Tappers, regrettably I took a 6 month hiatus from T-Tapping so I feel like I'm starting all over again. I cleaned up my diet last year and have maintained that but still need to lose 4-5 sizes. The only DVD's I have are HHMM and SATI. Would like to do a 5 day boot camp with the HHMM instructional only and then something like the schedule below. It's easier for me to do weekday exercises since I am home alone all day with the kids at school. Would also like to grab a couple more DVD's. Thinking BWO+ and maybe a BROOM workout. I have extra tummy fat and fatty legs but am in good health otherwise. Lots of cellulite which I already started dry brushing for. How does this routine look?

    Su - Off
    M - HHMM
    Tu - Sati
    We - HHMM
    Th - Sati
    F - HHMM
    Sa - SATI or OFF

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    Welcome back. The schedule looks nice and doable. I LOVE HHMM and SATI. BWO+ and Broom would be nice additions too. I have been doing More because I have have back and hip issues and started incorporating Broom 1 (not Broom 2) warmups and workouts...OMG absolutely loving Broom. There are two warmups, an instructional, 2 workout sections and a FULL workout. Plus the flyer that comes with it helps you incorporate Broom with BWO and Total.

    Trisch BlessedMama has been away but checking in so when she sees this she will comment as well.
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      Hi Bethiegirl! Alisa has already given you good advice. I like HHMM a lot and I mostly split the Instructional which is 40 min: Spinal curl until Oil Wells or Spinal Curl, Oil Wells until the end. But that is because I have some health issues. You seem to be used to T-tapp so starting with a bootcamp may not stop you. BE just careful not to overdo. Less is More with T-tapp. I also have the Broom but I have just watched it so far. It seems to be a good DVD for some variety.

      Having some favourite moves can be a good thing. There may be days when you cannot or don't feel like doing a whole workout. Doing a couple of moves will be a great option.I think that TTT is very good for our waist line/back fat etc. I have had good results with less back fat from regular Plié too. Personally, I wake up and do a PBS, the Stance (with Clapaways, done with The Form it is great for your arms and I add a Spiderwoman stretch) and Lat Pulls from HHMM Instr, about 9 min and I feel fit for the day!!

      Feel free to join us in the 6 week thread too. We encourage each other on a regular basis.


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        Fantastic information! Can't wait till Monday! Will find a 6 week thread to join Anna. That sounds helpful.


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          Bethiegirl, it looks like this this week! Welcome to share your experiences with us.


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            Welcome back!

            Do you have any health or adrenal issues? I'd split up HHMM if so. You might want to anyway to start with. It's always easier to add more than to do too much then burn out! Your schedule looks doable--and HHMM is a great workout!

            If you're thinking of Basic Workout, I'd suggest the newer digital Basic Super Set (it will eventually be on dvd, too). Broom workout and Broom 2 are good ones, so is Posture Power Walk (all 3 are stepping workouts). There's also TappCore 2--I feel every T-Tapper needs at least one seated workout in their stash!

            Please let us know if you have any questions as you get started!
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              I second Trisch on splitting HHMM. I do not have health issues or adrenal issues, but when I did HHMM full through the Instructional, I was very taxed the rest of the day and wiped out for a couple days following. Bettter to split in half or thirds to learn little by little then put it all together.

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            Thank you for responding and for the suggestions. So if I wanted to do the HHMM instructional as a 4-5 day bootcamp, how would that look? Would I do 1/2 and continue that same 1/2 every day or could I add a little bit every day if my body feels okay with it? I don't have any health issues besides the 4-5 sizes I need to lose, but I want to make sure I don't burn out. If I wasn't doing the boot camp I'd probably just do 1/2 one day with Hoe Downs then the other 1/2 the next day with Hoe Downs and then rinse and repeat taking a day or 2 off a week. But I know the boot camp is supposed to be the same throughout the duration and I'm not sure the best way to go about that.


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              Oh I'm sorry! I just read Anna's post telling me what to do. Sorry Anna, I spaced!


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              Hi again! I started my 5 day boot camp on Monday and went through Friday. I did the HHMM instructional from the start and finished after Mitten Chop. Was really a good workout and I look forward to doing the actual workout starting next week. This week on Wednesday and Friday I tossed and turned all night and got broken sleep. I always sleep really well with magnesium before bed but these 2 nights I didn't sleep well even with the mag. I also was feeling extremely tired yesterday all afternoon which I usually don't struggle with. Are either of these a sign of over doing it? I felt like I didn't go crazy but I know less is more. Thanks for any feedback!


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              Welcome back!
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