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  • New/old member... looking for some advice

    Hello..I am 49year old female. I hope I am not to long winded but really need advice. To make a long story short about my medical history. I have 3 disc L3,4,5 ( happened 20 years ago no surgery but L5 nerve gets irritated and caused pain in my sciatica and numbness of my last 3 toes) and arthritis with narrowing in C 5,6 which is causing a lot of upper back muscle pulls and I also just finishing up year long rehab for rotator cuff surgery... I did t Tapp years ago and loved it. I did get approval from dr so all set with that . I have in the past tried t Tapp but always pull a muscle then quit. I know it’s probably my form or just not able to handle the traditional instructional the BWP. My back muscles are just weak along with my core muscles being weak. Here is my question. I recently bought Teresa’s posture walking tape.. the warm up part is soo different than what i am use too. Should I continue with this tape or should I be starting with a different tale? I need to strengthen my back and core or I will continue to be in pain for the rest of my life.... I think tapping will help me! Thank you! I look forward to a plan moving foward.

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    Welcome, Jodi! I am sorry about your health struggles. Do you have any other DVDs than the Power posture walking DVD? I hope that Trisch and Ayj will chime in and reply your questions. I can only say that for me T-tapp has helped me with so many health issues.


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      Have you tried More 1? More was created with those who have MORE to lose, but it is also a the Rehab series. I was stubborn in the beginning and didn't like the slowness but with learning good muscle activation, I like it now.

      I have low back and hip issues from a car accident 10 years ago. Because it is my low back and hips, it hurts all around that girdle area and affects my gluts and hamstrings as well. I am in pain daily and any type of exercise flares things up and then I am achy for days/weeks so it has been a start/stop kind of year. I have tried Basic+ but am always sore the next day because it is too much twisting and bending for me. Also because I need to build spinal muscle, it leaves me really achy.

      Therefore, I am doing More 1 during this challenge and sticking with just that until I can do it without pain and soreness the next day, then I will move back to Basic+. It has taken me a year of T-Tapp to realize that I need to take things slowly and trust that I will build muscle and the pain will get better...with time and with building better muscle strength and stability. I have been able to figure out a few things lately that are helping me be able to stay consistent like avoiding HDs. Hopefully I can add them back in when my hips are stronger.

      I am sure that Trisch and Aurora will chime in this weekend. They are the experts
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        Thank you both for your replies. I have almost every t Tapp except the More tape. If that’s where I should start then I will absolutely get it... I am looking for back health unlike last time where I wanted to loose weight. Although I wouldn’t mind that too


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          Jodi, you will see health from the inside out. I have been experienced that so far in abotu 14 months of T-tapping. You can do it!!

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        Jodi, MORE would be good due to the slower pace, built in kick-outs and excellent instructional. It also has a chair workout which is great when you need stability for the lower spine and pelvis, but still want to get movement in (as well as lymphatic pumping).

        The warm-up from Posture Power Walk are 3 moves that are tweaked and became part of Senior Fit. You can certainly do that if you wish for now. Just pay attention to whether it is helping or hurting with your issues.

        I would really focus on curling the core against a wall. Feet out about 5 inches, then think belly button UP and then back to spine to flatten the lower back against the wall. You are initiating this with core and then tightening glutes vs using the glutes to "tuck hard". I hope that makes sense! The wall will give you stability and you can also focus on feeling those core muscles.

        Shifting weight into your heels often will help the core and lats kick in more. Activating the lat muscles better will help with the neck and lower back issues.

        Please let me know if you have any questions!
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          I too agreed that the slower pace will help to avoid pulling muscles. I personally think floor workout like Brain Body Floor (with 3 sequences) would be good overall corrective exercise and rehab. You can learn better tuck and correct alignment for upperbody when you are lying down, interesting concepts, but true.

          You can curl your core and be in standing stance better once you get used to how to tuck to "no air" spine on the floor. In addition, having the back and shoulder in stable and lats activated at all time will help you maintain your lats activation while standing up.

          Please remember to use your lats while in standing postures.
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            Thank you all for your advice. I purchased the more Tapp and waiting for it to come. I will also look into brain body. Do you think I should start with the wall and floor workout before doing the More Tapp?? I will buy the brain body if it’s something that will help!! Should I do both??


            • Anna Lee
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              In my opinion (not a T-tapp trainer), More will be great to start with!! Great instructional and short workouts to learn and do.

              BBFF (Brain Body Floor Fitness) is a good DVD. So far, I have only learnt #2 of the 3 sequences. I found the floor workout a bit harder to learn as there is no instructional as with More. You can read and analyze the moves before doing them, though. That is how I learnt them.