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  • Degenerative Hip

    Hi My boss was recently diagnosed with a degenerative hip. She does exercise, but she does not do the t-tapp workouts. Is there a t-tapp workout that would help/give relief for her degenerative hip?

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    Hi Carol, in general, we would refer more serious medical conditions to the T-Tapp office for Teresa to figure it out... However, I am not sure if the T-Tapp office will be able to look into this now, especially these few weeks, however, please still contact the office.

    If you don't hear anything, please ask your boss to post her question here. In general, it is nutrition and lacking of exercise causes the degeneration in any muscles, organs and joints.

    My suggestion for her is targeting both aspects instead of one. If it is calcium deposit and calcification of the joint, look into increase magnesium in the diet, and also increase collagen, also use lemon and apple cider vinegar consistently to help moving out the mineral deposits. Topically, use MSM cream or DMSO cream to help with softening the tissues and reduce pain. In addition, castor oil pack at the hip and joints or using infrared LED light will also help.

    Exercise wise, it might be better she does floor workout and chair workout that she will not worry about falling first. Once she is better with less pain and more muscles because of the floor and chair workout, she can start More or Senior Fit, workouts that is easier for finding her footing.

    All T-Tapp workouts will help. Ladybugs and Crab Claws is something that comes to my mind for moves that will help.
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      Thank you, AYJ. I appreciate your help.

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    I would suggest MORE or Senior Fit. Both are modified for those with various issues, especially joint issues. Senior Fit would be better, but if the length is a deterrent, I can help split it up. Berei developed more bone density doing this workout as well as the First Step digital workouts, which are based on Senior Fit, between the ages of 85 and 87! She recently increased bone density again at 90-91!
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