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Beginning again and need direction

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  • Beginning again and need direction

    Due to a groin injury (and trials in life), I have not Tapped in over 6 months. After enduring the pain of this injury, my hat is off to any athlete, that gets a groin tear, and can suppress screaming in pain, until after they are in the field house and off camera!!

    This is a painful injury, and recovery became a long ordeal. In the midst of it all, without warning, I lost my precious sister, and I miss her terribly. Grief absolutely surpasses physical pain. I was so blessed to call her sister and my best friend.

    Lots of ice packs (they became my constant companion!) and physical therapy, I am now doing fine and anxious to get back to Tapping. Thank you, Teresa for the First for Women discount! Perfect timing for me. I called the office for advice and ordered More Rehab. I had actually planned on getting More 2, but she (This is terrible. I can't remember who I spoke with!) said that More 1 would be best for my needs. I have lost much, but not all of the benefits I had previously received from Tapping, and I am determined to get back in shape. Physical therapy was wonderful for the leg injury, but my short torso has been neglected and it is screaming for help.

    Prior to the injury, my favorite workout was BBFF. I tried each sequence a few times, but 2 was my favorite, and I did it 4-5 times a week with an occasional BWO thrown in. Can I start off alternating More and BBFF, or should I, in the beginning, focus just on More? What schedule do you suggest?

    During physical therapy, my thighs became too thin. They are not long and lean; They are skinny. As a typical short torso with tendency towards thin legs, I need lots of firming, but not inch loss. I believe much of this is due to the sudden weight loss I experienced when my sister died. According to the doctor's scale, the pounds have returned, and brought along a few friends. Unfortunately, not one pound asked where I wanted it to settle, and all avoided my thighs and went straight to my torso. Any advise as to how to shape up those toothpick thighs without losing more inches? Crab claws is in sequence 2. Would doing these in addition to More be a good option?

    *** My More Rehab arrived (Yea!) and I am watching instructional. Oh my, I always thought my form was good. It was Not! I really need to erase what I thought I knew and start over. If my BWO form was bad, my BBFF probably was as well. If you recommend sequence 2, would you please provide any any CC form tips, or any BBFF move and form tips that might help?

    Thank you, Ladies, for your help and direction. It is always very appreciated.

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    Piper, you have been through a lot. Welcome back to T-tapping and the forums!!
    I cannot answer your questions, but I hope that someone will chime in to help you. Feel free to join our 6 weeks thread.


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      Thank you Anna Lee. It is good to be back. Actually, I think the 6 week thread is probably the motivation I need. Thank you for the invite.


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        Sorry to hear about what you are going through. Sisters are truly truly special.

        Yes, join us at the 6 week thread and check out the Habit Formers as well. I love More 1 and 2, they did help me with rehab. My problem is the exact opposite, my thighs gain quickly. I do notice that they start to reshape and tone when my T-Tapp stance is good and well activated (but not always the case since I battle fatigue).

        I wonder if there is a modification that can help you build muscles in the thighs. I was reading the thread yesterday about what to do to slim the thighs and there was a post that doing the opposite can actually make the thigh bigger. I'll try to find it.

        update: this is one of the thread I saw
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      Thank you GreenGen for the link and your kind words.

      Interesting about doing the opposite. Prior to the injury, I tapped fairly consistently. Now I wonder if my poor form kept my thighs from losing. ( I can't find my measurement chart !) I don't remember having a significant loss or gain in my thighs, but I do remember that they did firm up. I have little fat to burn off now, so maybe just firming the thigh muscles will add some bulk.

      I just finished doing the More instructional and I was stunned to realize how out of shape and weak I am, and how poor my form was all those months. (But even with bad form, I was getting results!) I can see why so many Tappers said they achieved their best form and results from More. This is a hard workout, and I am proud I was able to complete it! Actually, I was faltering doing the hoedowns, which I used to do almost daily. Six months off and my arms and legs have "forgotten" what they were supposed to do. Their memory is as bad as mine!

      Thank you again, GreenGen


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      Thank you,Ladies!


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        Welcome back, Piper!

        And {{{HUGS}}}. I am so sorry for your loss.

        I would start with MORE and then do just a little of BBFF sequence 2. As you know there is a lot of "open leg" work in there and I would want you to proceed cautiously to find your "sweet spot" as you regain strength and flexibility. I think either alternating or 2 days of MORE/1 day BBFF would be good. Listen to your body and don't go too fast on moves like Half Frogs, LadyBug, or the open knees out/drop heels/bring knees up. I would omit Crab Claws for awhile.

        Be VERY sure your core is activated--that will help protect the groin area. Don't go "as wide as you can". Even on moves where your back is more neutral (not pressed flat against the floor) you can keep your tummy activated. If you feel you can't keep core activation, be done with that move or omit a move if it's hard to stay focused.

        I think with your muscle memory from being a T-Tapper already, you'll be able to "tell" when you've lost core activation, standing or floor. Reset or move on from a move, and don't be afraid to split even MORE up!

        Please let me know if you have any other questions!
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          Thank you so much,Trisch. I will follow your recommendations. After doing More instructional I was surprised by my lack of strength and flexibility. I realize now that I am not ready to incorporate BBFF, except, perhaps, the beginning fascia stretch. And even the stretch may be too much to add for some time. I did not realize how weak I had become, and I am fearful of crashing.
          Thank you again, Trisch.