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    Hi there! I was able to purchase More Level 3 - Chair workout and did it for the first time today. I was really impressed and I truly believe if I commit to it, it will help me with the pain in my neck, shoulders, and back (which will hopefully help with the bad headaches). What I want to know is how often I should do the workout? Is it safe enough for every day? Or should I try for every other day?

    Thank you!
    Sister Catherine
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    I love that workout, too!

    It is safe to do daily, but as always, listen to your body. And still take a day off each week to rest those muscles. If you want to do the beginning stretches on your day off, that would be fine!
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      Thank you so much, Trisch! I really appreciate the feedback! :-)


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      I will look into those - thank you! :-)