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My Fitness Pal and logging workouts

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  • My Fitness Pal and logging workouts

    Hello all,
    I have just begun a wellness plan through my medical provider and my initial assignment is working out 3 times a week (cardio) for 45 minutes. So, how does Tapp "count" in this regard?

    How do you record your Ttapp workouts on apps such as my fitness pal? Also, how do you account for your Ttapp workouts when working with a wellness plan? Are there certain workouts I should focus on to target cardio?

    Thank you in advance.

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    I consider TTapp cardio. When you use all your muscles, your heart rate goes up. You could use a heart rate monitor to document just how cardio each workout is, because it's very individual. Once you get a base for how many calories you burn per hour (or 20 minutes), you can create your own personal exercises in My Fitness Pal, label it TTapp, let it know how many calories you burn, and you'll be all set to log!

    For me, I put two different versions in...TTapp, and TTapp Lite. When I give it my all, it's not a far stretch to say I burn 500 calories in an hour, but if I'm not giving my all, (floor workouts have trouble getting my heart rate up except during floor hoedowns), I might only burn 250 calories per hour. I don't like wearing the monitor for each workout, so I just gage how I think I did, and log accordingly.

    Hope this helps!


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      Hello DayLilly,
      I wanted to mention that what I have learned to do is not to wear your fitbit all day, it will record steps that are not true steps. I wear it on the opposite of my dominate arm also, as not to register soo many steps with just an arm swing. let it lie dormant and just put it on as you work out. Then take it off, it will record onto the app or website. Or you an do the workout and then look at the webpage and you will see the usage chart, you can document that time as your measured workout. I am finding not wearing it until I work out and then taking it off to register the actual workout and time works for me. Also, I use Chronometer app and I have the Fitbit bathroom scale on wifi, it registers my weight every day and my workout into my chronometer food and diet app. Wow for technology!!


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        By the way, which workouts do you have?


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          Originally posted by Jessi View Post
          By the way, which workouts do you have?
          Hi, Thank you for the input and the question. I have:
          BWO +
          Tapp Core 2
          Total Workout
          Steppin Away
          Step it to the Max - Level 2
          Ttapp MORE Rehab

          I am probably going to focus on using MORE and BWO+. I am quite heavy and my mobility is very limited. I bought all these DVDs quite a few years ago and then I got out of sync. so, I'm dusting everything off to get going again.

          Where would I find a heart rate monitor?

          Thank you again.


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            You can get a heart rate monitor from Amazon or the fitness area of Walmart probably has one.

            If you've not been TTapping in awhile, spend a week or so with the instruction workouts. You might enjoy adding Step Away the Inches into your rotation for variety and cardio, but you can start with the stepping workout on More first. You've got plenty of variety.

            If you struggle with indecision and that causes you to ever not do your workout, pick one to be your default...the workout that you will push play on if you are having trouble picking. Getting a workout done is better than no workout. (This may not be an issue for you, your post didn't suggest that it might...I just offer this piece of advice as it sometimes is an issue for some of us.)