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    First about me... I am 29 years old, mother to 4 children ages 4, 3, 2 and 6 1/2 months. (I am EBF my 6 1/2 month old).I have old injuries in my back due to being thrown from horses before marriage and kids which include 2-3 partially crushed vertebrae which healed improperly leaving a "hole/indent" in the lower part of my back, severe sprained ankles 1 time each ankle and lesser sprains 2 more times each ankle, I struggle with underactive thyroid, had borderline GD in my last pregnancy, diabetes and lupus run in the family (I've been taking Plexus to combat the GD, diabetes and Lupus and it has been helping). I struggle with joint pain, constant back pain and ankles that roll in all of which seemed to get worse with the other workouts that I've tried which is why I began researching T-tapp.
    I have about 90lbs to lose (current weight 237lbs, would like to get back down to 145-150lbs). I am active... but did not have a structured exercise time since having my youngest (I have used 3 different workouts throughout my various pregnancies and lots and lots of walking with my kids) till I began t-tapp, I simply couldn't face the joint and back pain doing the other exercise programs.

    On the advice from a friend I purchased the total system (complete workout with the extra add ons and the skin tightening system). I realize now that I probably should have purchased the More system/workout, but I need to workout with what I have as finances are tight and I can't purchase anything more right now.

    I did BWO (instructional 1) for 1 week, (5 days a week, weekend was walking for exercise), I did BWO (instructional 1) and added hoedowns the next week (again 5 days a week with walking on weekends), I did a 4 day BC of Basic (the actual workout not the instructional) and instructional 2 last week, then I began this routine this week... Mon, Wed, Fri, BWO+, Tues, Thurs, complete workout (using BWO and Instructional 2), Saturday and Sunday will be walking only for exercising. My husband works very long hours as a carpenter (I am a SAHM), and weekends are our family days so it's best that I only do walking (as it's something I can do with all my family) on the weekends.

    I had been experiencing a lot of exhaustion after my youngest was born which has been changing in combination of taking Plexus and now doing T-tapp I'd been feeling even better. Doing Plexus helped me change my diet/lifestyle of what I eat, and I've been doing 1 day a week of no sugar, only GM foods, on the other days I limit my sugar intake and eat healthier but still some conventional foods. (We grow a large garden and I put up a lot of fruit and veggies for our food)

    My question/seeking advice would be with my current exercise routine and my eating habits are there things I need to change, increase, decrease switch up etc? Thank you for your advice and help.

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    Welcome and congratulations on your newest blessing!

    I agree MORE would have been a better choice, but we can work with what you have!

    First thing--please back off a bit. There is no rush to do the "whole workout", especially with the back and joint issues you have from injuries. With T--Tapp less truly is more!

    The complete workout is a "full" workout and the next day should be off or just 10 minutes. Walking is okay. I know there are recommendations that you can do BWO on the days in between, but my experience as a T-Tapper of 10 1/2 years and a trainer for 5 1/2 is that most people will overtrain with that. And as a busy mama, time is at a premium!

    You can split the Total workout into thirds, making about 15-20 minutes of workout time:

    Day 1: BWO
    Day 2: Primary Back Stretch, Lunges through Runner's Stretch
    Day 3: Primary Back Stretch, Arms to end

    For your joints' sake, I suggest the following modifications:

    No flat back on PBS (skip to the arch like a cat/scoop out the back part)
    Hold the squat on Plies, don't go up and down
    No singles on Jazz Twist
    Do T-Tapp Twist in a chair first to get the feel of keeping hips forward, then stand and do half the reps. Use CORE to keep those hips stationary!
    1 set of Hoedowns at the end

    For the rest of Total, I would suggest half the reps as you rebuild strength. MORE is modified moves of BWO plus side Lunges and Balance, just the first part where you raise the leg to the side.

    You are ALWAYS using core--tuck butt is using the belly button up and back to spine to initiate the "tuck", not just using the buns. Shoulders back is elevating ribs--think of a string pulling your head tall to the ceiling and elevating from belly button up without losing core (no arching of the back to get shoulders back).

    I also advise kicking out between every move, between sides of moves and between each set of Plies. Skip reps or hit pause--it's worth it to kick out and reset so you start each move in your best possible form.

    80% of my workouts were 20 minutes or less as I lost 8 sizes--yes you can! I deal with hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue along with low ferritin levels, so I have had to do this in small bites. Also, don't get too hung up on the scales--T-Tappers typically will weigh 15-30 lbs more than they look. I only lost 30 lbs with my 8 sizes! Right now, thanks to menopausal changes, I am up a size or so. My weight is only 10 lbs my highest weight, but I can still fit into clothes 6 sizes smaller than I was then. Muscle and bone density rocks!

    I hope this is helpful! If you have more questions, please let me know!
    ~ ..· ´¨¨)) -:¦:-
    ¸.·´ .·´¨¨))
    ((¸¸.·´ ..·´ Trisch -:¦:-
    -:¦:- ((¸¸.·´*

    Master T-Tapp Trainer in Indiana, certified in all workouts!

    From a 22W to an 8!


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      Thank you so much. I was wondering if I was pushing it as I struggled a lot with the complete workout but I wasn't sure. I appreciate your wisdom and help.


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        Thank you, I will appreciate you
        You helped me