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  • Post surgery - No Bending

    Having surgeries on each eye at different times over the course of about 2 months. (Exotropia, cateract). Exercising is usually permitted within days of each surgery (BWO+) however, post surgery instructions include no bending over for a period of time after each procedure. I can eliminate OWs and do twist only TTT, but what can I do about PBS?

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    Well, skip it the bending until you are clear. The variations in Senior Fit and does not have any bending... So, feel free to skip for now.
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      You could omit the flat back portion, jump in at the arch and scoop, then instead of going down by the calves, arch the back again and then roll up from there. You can also do the "flat back portion" at an angle, never letting head go below the heart--that is what Senior Fit does!
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        Thank you so much. This helps greatly.