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    Question from alexis.lmd 06/05/2004 : 12:35:49 AM

    I've been thinking about purchasing the T-tapp More tapes since I need to lose 75 pounds. Now, when you say to do a BC of T-tapp More is that 20 minutes or the whole tapes put together? If it's just the 20 minutes do you put something else with it??

    Answer from Teresa Tapp 06/05/2004 : 08:42:15 AM

    T-Tapp More is similar, yet different from traditional T-Tapp Total Workout bootcamps. By this I mean, for initial bootcamp you will want to focus on doing the INSTRUCTIONAL T-TAPP MORE for 4 days in a row, then proceed to doing T-Tapp More Workout without instruction every other day for 3 - 4 weeks or to lose more than 2 clothing sizes you would continue every other day for 6 weeks...for more than 3 sizes continue EOD for 8 weeks.

    As your strength/endurance increases you should try to include one other workout back to back so that your body experiences 40 minutes of T-Tapping.

    On off days you should always start the day with the modified Primary Back Stretch followed by the T-Tapp Twist stretch.

    Then for those who have the energy and the desire to lose more, you can add any workout of choice on off days (ie: T-Tapp Broom, Step Away or T-Tapp Chair...all of which are included in the T-Tapp More tapes/dvds)

    Don't forget to brush your body to help prevent loose skin from the quick inch loss. It really makes a difference!

    Hope this helps....the support material for T-Tapp More is still in the works...hopefully it will be delivered within the next week. FYI, everyone who has purchased T-Tapp More will have the support material mailed to them as soon as we receive it.

    Meanwhile, you can contact Diane Stone (head trainer for T-Tapp More) for guidance and direction for best results.

    Good luck! T-Tapp More definitely gives you more for your money - as other trainers has said - "its a clinic in a box" because of the level/depth of instruction at slower pace so your body can accelerate the neuro-kinetic connection for optimal results with ANY other T-Tapp Workout.

    Best wishes, Teresa Tapp