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IF I could turn back time and PBS question.

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  • IF I could turn back time and PBS question.

    I have begun to "dread" doing PBS and it has affected my motivation. I find myself procrastinating because of this one (and the most important) move. Mental block? Probably. (I have BWO Plus and instructional). I find PBS to be the most challenging exercise, and spend more time on practicing it than any other move. I finally got the book (such great detail!) and now realize you are supposed to arch your butt up for flat back. I had been working to maintain the tuck!. Like everyone, I want to do each move correctly to ensure I get the greatest benefit. I am now reading and rereading about each move prior to doing them, and find myself becoming frustrated. So many "little" things I was doing incorrectly -- (but still getting results)

    A 15 minute WO was what attracted me. Anyone who works on their feet all day in a hot warehouse, I believe, will agree that the thought of a long workout, before or after work, is a turn off. 15 minutes sounded great and I was more than willing to spend time learning each more. However, If I could turn back time, I would have gotten Senior Fit. I understand this program is much slower and more detailed, and I find BWO to be very fast paced. Even after 4 weeks, I need to pause frequently to correct form or get back into form, so it takes me MUCH longer than 15 minutes. I would so rather do a longer DVD workout than using DVD, the book, pausing and reversing.

    However, I cannot complain. I have gained 5 lbs, but I have lost several inches, especially in lower thighs and stomach. (My thighs look really great! - Still need to loose much more in torso). My posture continues to improve and more importantly, my pain has greatly decreased from spine injuries. No, I cannot complain. But when things improve financially, I will get Senior Fit. (or perhaps More?) Both sound like better workouts for me.

    Until then, I not only want to continue, I don't want to "dread" any part of the work out. In addition to the book, I have been reviewing videos, and found this spine stretch, at about the 4 minute mark, on
    Can this be done instead of BWO PBS? If so, how many reps? Should I also include the second phase of BWO PBS?

    Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated.
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    Mmmm, not really arch your butt at flat back,,, where did you read it? You are maintaining flat back with the spine pressed out the curves at flat back. Are you mistaken the arch up with some of the stretches after a long curl in, then we have an arch out, that we do arch out the back and butt up. There are various elements at PBS, is all for stretch out, lengthen the ribs to hip, the tuck in and reversing the tuck by arch out from chin to tail bone. Primary Back Stretch as meant for as a all purpose warm up and cool down for the spinal health and start the condition of our body for movement.

    Primary Back Stretch is the primary conditioning and warmup. There are many many levels of correct and right in PBS... What you use in BWO+ is the gold standard... The other programs came later are more or less, the remedial... those other DVDs are longer and slower... all for compensating for more issues that we accumulated over time.

    When you are ready to buy another DVD, please feel free to pour out all your problems to us before committing to another DVD. Maybe it is Senior Fit, maybe it is More, maybe it will be Menopause Pause Management, Turn Back Time, or First Step. They are all very similar by all very different in their own ways. There is never bad DVDs, but you just need to work and learn consistently.

    You are right about not understand and master a lot and still getting fabulous results. Knowing what I know now, I am constantly amazed at the 20+ inches I lost in the first month. I seriously did not tuck right for at least 3 years. My little sister still does not tuck very well and not doing everything right after 6 years, and all she did was Tempo Basic and she did not even do Instructional 1, as it was scratched and she never bother to tell me. Still, she lost all the inches she need and more within a year, it was her best pain management and the only reason she was consistent. She was not doing it for inch loss, but she know she has to do some exercise, and I had her at no dieting. So, for 6.5 years, it was Tempo Basic for her, and I gave her the whole line up of T-Tapp DVD. It is not how many DVD you have, it is you have to pick one and do the best your can for the time that you want to allot to the workout.

    She does 18 mins 5-6 days a week, she is pain-free and slim. She does not know half of the form, but that is ok, we don't need to know it all and master it all for result. It is not the perfect form, but it is the best form and best consistency you can do that gives results.

    You can use any newer or any PBS from T-Tapp to substitute at the DVD you do. If you find a tweak is better for your physical restraint, adopt it.

    For the longest time, I never clasp my hand and hands for PBS... I use hangloose thumbs instead of donut hands when I fell and impacted my hands.

    How many reps? Do about 3-6 mins worth until your spine is warmed up and loose.

    Seriously, after you learned and is familiar with one DVD, using T-Tapp techniques to do your daily activities will give you the most results. It really does not matter whether the workout is 1.5 hours or 15 mins... If only when you have the DVD on, you activate your muscles, that is not the best strategy. When you know how to stand, how to tuck,how to stretch your muscle 16 hours a day is the way to approach T-Tapp. I ribs up and tuck when I am at my computer often. When I am in a meeting and was bored (as I am not the one who has to talk or be engaged) I tuck and activate my glues, trying to move slightly to activate some muscles while sitting down. When I reach for a dish or load the dishwasher, part of the pile and tuck are in there. I haven't don't much workout with DVD, but I do use T-Tapp on a daily basis, including getting water from the fridge.
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      Hi ayj67 and thank you for your response! Form is very stressed throughout the DVD and book, so I wanted to get it correct. On page 91 of Fit and Fabulous, it says "arch your butt up as you move your upper body into flat back position". Prior to reading this, I was trying to keep butt tucked. Do I tuck or arch up? I was getting results with tucked butt doing PBS.....but I really want to do it correctly and get great results. Am I "over thinking" form?


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        Okay, that arch butt does not really translate well. The correct technical use, not to confuse arching butt on Page 94, is stand neutral and increase rib to hip when you are slowly going from an vertical erect position to 90 degrees flat back. Yes, you cannot keep your butt tuck as in posterior pelvis tilt, you do need to let your tuck out if you were tucking and keep your lats tight and lengthen the ribs to hip distance while going to that flat back angle.

        When we think arch your butt, it is anterior pelvis tilt or as kidney bean, that is on the chin reaching out to scoop back as seen on Page 94 Step 4.

        Well, I never think that we tuck in Step 1 and then we had to untuck to get into flat back, that is interesting. You stand in tuck position all the time?

        At Step one, we stand neutral, without any pelvis tilt (neither posterior or anterior pelvis tilt), we lengthen our rib to hip and slowly going down to flat back. In Total Superslow, the mother of all instructional and the instructional for our advanced Total (Ladybug standing), the flat back is maintained as the spine completely flat, without any arch. That is the same tuck as on the floor that we take out the curve on the spine completely on flat back.

        Step 4 on Page 94, when you are reaching with chin to ceiling on scoop out back, that is really arching your butt.

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      Piper, you untuck to go to flat back, hinging from the hips. But you keep activating your core muscles to not just let the tummy go (took me 5 years to figure that out!). You press the hands into the hips as you untuck and hinge to help keep abs activated and keep alignment. Once you are in your best "flat back", (sometimes the hamstrings are tight and you won't go completely flat, more like an angle), you do arch your tailbone up to the ceiling but without letting the core go. As you try to straighten your legs, don't tilt the hip of the leg that is straightening. Your hand pressing into your hip helps keep the activation equal between your abs and leg. Think knee out and just go to your best. I never actually straighten, but between keeping my tummy tight and slightly arching tailbone to ceiling, that gives me a nice hamstring stretch!

      After the "flat back portion", you then arch and scoop out the spine. Keeping the tummy engaged will keep you from over "scooping" so you don't make your back sore.

      You're right in that there are a LOT of form tips in there, but your brain can't keep it all straight all at once. Pick a few tips to work on as you go through that move/workout, and as that becomes more second nature, work on the next set. We can overthink it--been there myself! Just take it little by little, just like learning math, spelling or riding a bike!

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        Thank you for this as well! I am a newbie and have been really trying to make sure I understand the form tips. I have a question to add on to this.... When you go over to a flat back Teresa says to "tighten butt". I know you can't tuck glutes in a flat back position, so the only other thing I can guess she means is to squeeze glutes together - is this what she means? My activation and awareness (all muscles) is steadily increasing, but when I go over into a flat back and think "tighten butt" well, my glutes have no clue what to do :-0 Where should I put the focus/what should I be feeling?

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        Sometimes that brain-body connection just isn't quite there, right?! You don't really "squeeze" but think to tighten the best you can vs just relaxing. They will be tight to some extent just from the movement and holding position. Think "Spiderwoman"--try to think of your core being where your "web" is made. Now that web is going through your chest and out your chin while at the same time from your core through your tailbone. That will cause you to tighten the glutes all on its own! Also be sure weight is shifted back into heels vs up on toes as shifting the center of gravity back will help as well. Let me know if you "feel" anything different with that.
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      Thank you so much, BlessedMama, for the excellent form detail. This helps me greatly. I love your analogy. It is like learning math. Fortunately, with forum help, I will be better at T Tapp than I was at math !


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        Hee hee! Yes, me, too! (Math was NOT my forte!)

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      Trisch, thank you, that helps. I have noticed that I habitually put my weight on the balls of my feet and maybe that has something to do with sleepy glutes.


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        Glad to help! And yes, that could affect the glutes not firing properly.

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      Just chiming in that I dreaded PBS for many years. Many a day that I procrastinated my T-Tapp workout because I did not want to do PBS.

      A few things that helped me not dread it as much.

      MMHH (aka HHMM). There is not a full PBS. It has some spinal rolls. Much shorter, much easier to grasp. Posture Power Walk and SITTM also have modified PBS segments at the beginning. I didn't dread those at all! Knowing that I had those as options really helped me. To this day, if I need workout but don't feel mentally up to doing PBS, I'll do one of those workouts or a floor workout.

      SATI and one of the PPW workouts don't have any spinal warm-up at all. It's helpful if you do one anyway but they not required. Another option for days when you aren't up to PBS.

      I also love the spinal warm-ups on the floor in BBFF, BBFCF, and TFFS (digital). They are quite different but have helped my back so much.

      Eventually I learned Senior Fit and First Steps and those really helped my understanding of PBS. I no longer dread PBS although it is still a very challenging move for me as I have low flexibility in my upper body.

      Also, simply strengthening my core helped a lot, too. As I got stronger, it wasn't as hard for me to stay in form so I got less frustrated.

      Keep at it, you'll get there!
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        Ayj, Trisch and Lisa, thank you for all the input! Great to read about the PBS

        The PBS was the first move that I learnt from the book. First in Feb 2017 and then I tried to do it from the end of November 2017. I know that I didn't do all as I should have, but it felt so good anyway. I was wondering if I would ever learn it the right way. I remember that Teresa wrote (or said somewhere?) that she did a PBS in the morning and another one in the evening. I haven't really done that, but in the beginning of this year, I do enjoy rediscovering this move so much! I will try the different versions from my DVDs. I have rediscovered the More PBS and enjoy the first part a lot! I think that watching the PBS from TSS helped. I am planning on doing that one soon.

        I could feel how much stronger my core has become: when I was travelling this past week and even having to walk everyday for some grocery shopping.

        The PBS is The Move!