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    I'm trying to get back into T-Tapping and I have a case of analysis paralysis. I noticed when I started the 60 day challenge I stuck with it the first 2 weeks because my options were limited. I was doing a walking workout and I only had SATI - so I did it. And I lost inches and saw improvements and started recognizing exactly where I was and how to progress and what not to do as well.
    Once the 2 weeks were up and then life and illness hit while I was trying to decide and make a plan - I lost my way again. And I'm still floundering around trying to figure out a plan I'll stick to.

    For the sale today I'm eyeballing the Power Posture Walk and I had thought of getting Senior Fit, but now I'm wondering if I should do MORE instead? I'm lost. I own so many workouts and they, strangely enough, aren't helping me from the shelf where they're sitting! haa!

    My issues - outside of now being grossly overweight and late in my 40's and unfit - are internal inflammation, fatigue, thyroid issues, decreased stamina, decreased R leg ROM (can't lift my right leg freely to put on my pants in standing position) and residual scar tissue/ROM issues of my R arm/shoulder/neck/pec area following tumor and lymph node removal in 2015.

    I'd so appreciate some direction to help narrow things down and have clarity and singleness of purpose - if that makes any sense!

    TIA! <3

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    Why not be gentle with yourself? I don't (thankfully!) have your health issues, although I have Hashimoto's and a tendency to chronic fatigue, but when I was in a rot, I just did a gentle one week of the basic plus workout, which is only 15 mins. It really energises you, so the following days you will feel motivated to tackle a more taxing workout.


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      Thank you Marie - Seems I need frequent reminders of this! <3

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    The nice thing about MORE is that there are several workouts on that disc, none of them longer than 20 minutes. And MORE will give you a great foundation. The MORE 1 & 2 package is on sale this month, it's a great deal. MORE 2 has a bonus workout on it that's really similar to Senior Fit, actually.

    I absolutely love Senior Fit. But it's 67 minutes long. You can break it up, of course, but the PBS sequence alone is 15 minutes.

    I think you can't go wrong with MORE. Whenever you're ready for something new, you can get Senior Fit then.
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