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Random question - in relation to the status bar and membership title

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  • Random question - in relation to the status bar and membership title

    Is this the right place? Support questions are for Forum support?

    Where does that Member title and Status bar come from? The more posts you make the more it highlights or does it come from people like your posts? I am a Virgin member. What are the levels and how does a person's status increase?

    Thank you.
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    Well, I think the duration you joined the forum and the number of posts would be changing the title and the number of bars. It was more fun long long time ago in the old forum that the status changed a lot faster and the number of posts was shown... In the haydays 5-7 years ago, Trisch and I have this running daily status change on if she or I have more posts during...

    The old forum was replace and the newer one crashed. Now everyone started as a virgin or newbie, and then moderators are god and goddess, etc. I guess I am still a "virgin" after 2 years on this newest forum. These designation is not making any difference to the quality of our reply one way or the other. Yup, even a master trainer who trains Trisch and I coming to talk, she would still be newbie.
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      Haha ayj67 I just noticed you are still a "virgin" member. I remember now when I first came in that there was talk still of the system crash. You answered my question though, as I was curious when it changes. It's all good.

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    Yeah, the designations are weird and don't make much sense anymore. We are waiting on an update. But not holding our breath! (Not T-Tapp's fault, either).

    It's also supposed to be to help with any challenges, rewards, etc if a forum wants to use it. Plus it would help you see if someone has been around a long time, whether they post a lot, etc and therefore are more legit. Kind of like "forum experience"! LOL!

    Yes, ayj and I had a lot of fun seeing who was ahead. Not really competition but it seemed like it! Just showed that we both talk a LOT on here! :-D
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