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  • Dancing Queen Hoe Down

    That song just keeps playing in my head whenever I'm in learning mode and practicing slowly. Maybe Theresa or another trainer can release a short video since Mama Mia 2 will be out soon?
    As I always say, T-Tapp is God-Given and God Guided. I am honored to have the opportunity to share what's been gifted to me. There is so much more woven within each of the T-Tapp exercise and special sequences within the workouts than just a means to lose inches and look good......So good luck....just do your personal best and you WILL continue to repair/rebuild from the inside out and your body will continue to look, feel and FUNCTION better too. - Teresa (April 12, 2018)

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    I found it on Youtube, but maybe the rhythm is too slow...


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      Originally posted by Anna Lee View Post
      I found it on Youtube, but maybe the rhythm is too slow...
      seems like slower gives you more of a challenge, though. You feel it more and notice the off-balance spots. at least I do.
      neuro-kinetic connection...neuro-kinetic connection....


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        Agree, I thought at the beginning slower is easier.