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Tricep Curls: Trim and Tone Arms without Weights...Yes,You Can with T-Tapp!


  • Tricep Curls: Trim and Tone Arms without Weights...Yes,You Can with T-Tapp!


    Starting Position

    Lower Body - Butt is tucked, hips, knees and ankles should be in alignment, toes are forward with knees pushing out towards little toe (arch of foot should be lifted with no weight on big toe).

    Upper Body - Shoulders should be back in alignment with hips, palm of hand is up with thumb pointing as far back as possible, wrist to elbow should be in alignment with elbows pushing forward to stay in alignment with hips and hands pushing back as much as possible to stay in alignment with shoulders.

    Counts 1 - 4 - Slowly curl palms up towards top of shoulders constantly pushing elbows forward and hands back throughout the movement in attempt to maintain correct linear alignment of elbows to hips and hands to shoulders.

    Counts 5 - 8 - As you slowly uncurl back to beginning position, keep pushing elbow forward and hands back as much as possible (even more intense than upward curl). In fact, as muscles become stronger and more flexible, attempt to increase linear alignment of shoulder to ankle as shown in photo.

    Form tips: bend knees to end of toes to maintain a better butt tuck and "twist" thumbs back as far as possible to maintain optimal elbow alignment.
    Repeat for a total of 8 repetitions - Feel the difference comprehensive, compound muscle movement makes? Best of all, there's never a need to add repetitions or weights because as you get stronger you'll be able to achieve better alignment which in turn will increase the intensity of your isometric contractions during muscle movement.

    Examples of common mistakes on form and technique:

    Hand is too far forward and elbow is behind shoulder joint. It is very important to push elbow forward as much as possible in alignment with shoulder even if hand is slightly in front of shoulder as shown in photo on right.
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    Examples of common mistakes on form and technique:

    Elbow is too far back even though hand is in good position. However, if this is the position you have at maximum ability, you will achieve results! The secret to success is to go to your own personal max ability. Eventually optimal linear alignment can be achieved as strength and flexibility improves as shown in photo on right.
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    See This Move On YouTube!

    From Women's Fitness International (October 1998)
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