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Thread: Ready for Fit and Fabulous chapter 3

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    I appreciated learning about the different body types Teresa has come across. I didn't yet measure to see what type I am, but I'm thinking I'm a combination since I usually gain on my thighs, butt and stomach area. I also copied out the chart so I can keep track of my measurements as I progress through the weeks. All those testimonies have got me excitedly anticipating my own inch loss story! I'm only looking to lose one size and only 20-30 lbs. to get me back to normal or what I prefer my body to look like. If I go beyond that because the workouts are so efficient and emptying my fat cells then so be it! I'll go all the way down to a 2 and 120 lbs. happily! =)=)

    I'm starting with boot camp for four days (maybe I'll do seven or ten) and will be following that with the every other day workouts. I hope to see great results!

    Only thing is, I didn't measure myself while in the T-Tapp stance. I may have to go back and re-do that part or I may leave it for now, but when I measure next I'll be in the stance. This is great fun!
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    I've really enjoyed reading this thread. It's just what I need.

    My favorite take-away: “What’s important here is to set your sites on a goal that will put your own body into proportion rather than worrying about getting your waist size down to that of a model or a friend you might admire (okay, envy may be a better word) but whose body type may be completely different from yours.” This one sentence really spoke to me as a reminder to be my personal best and to not let my goals be distorted by things outside my control.
    Thank you for that, Stephanie! I struggle a LOT with wanting a model's body, which is ridiculous since I'm fifty years old and really never exercised before I was forty. Doesn't stop me from wanting it, though! I have lots of regrets over not getting in shape sooner and it's hard for me to accept that my stomach may never be flat again. When it WAS flat, I was soft and flabby everywhere else. Not fat, just out of shape--I so wish I had found T-Tapp sooner! BUT the point is that I am doing a lot of damage by trying to hide the bulgy belly--pulling my arms forward, which pronates my shoulders and consequently messes up my back. I must learn to accept the tummy so that I can get rid of the shoulder/back pain. And deep down I know that it's the only way to help those tummy muscles, too.

    And this, Kara, is another inspiration.
    Come to find out, there were muscles deep in my lower abs that I hadn't even been able to feel that I wasn't activating. If I activate correctly, I don't have pain. If I do, I'm pain free. It took me a long time to get that mind-muscle connection. Now, I was losing inches the whole time, just not as quickly as I would have if I had been activating better.

    I have recently found some ab muscles that I haven't felt in many years, which was really pretty disconcerting, since I've been T-Tapping for 5-6 years. Somehow when I "tucked," I was only managing to pull in the lower ab muscles. The ones around the belly button just didn't do much. So I had gotten to a point where I looked good everywhere except above the bikini line (not that I wear one, LOL!) where there was a huge pregnant-looking bulge. I hadn't actually had a waistline in the front since my second pregnancy 22 years ago, but now it was just getting...Big!
    It was really stressing me out. My daughter found, on another site, instructions for getting in touch with your transverse abs that said to get on your hands and knees, let your belly sink toward the floor, and THEN tighten tummy muscles. It was incredible to me. I could feel that area tighten up like it had not done in Forever! So I am really relating to your story of finding new muscles, though my blind spot was in a different spot than yours. I'm gradually learning to feel those muscles, though it's still very hard, and I have to occasionally drop down on all fours in order to 'find' them again!

    I should pull my F&F book off the shelf and read again--y'all are giving me good food for thought! Thanks~

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    Rhonda - I've been thinking about what you wrote. Over the years I’ve also obsessed a bit over wanting a flat stomach again. In college, my roommate and I joked that when we turned 21 our lower tummies pooched out seemingly overnight. We claimed that it was our arrival at “womanhood” but from that day forward I wanted to get a flat stomach again. Actually, today I’d just like to get back to what I thought was a pooched out tummy when I was 21!!!

    T-Tapp and Senior Fit in particular have really helped to trim inches for me. In fact I’ve lost 6” in my waist and abs since I started T-Tapp in April 2012 (those mitten chops in SF are more powerful than you would think!). As happy as this makes me, I was still looking for that elusive flat stomach. What I’ve come to realize, though, is that I AM happy with how my body has changed over the last year and if I keep working on strengthening my posture and my core and in time that flatter stomach will develop. Getting in touch with those muscles takes practice and strengthening them takes even more practice.

    Reading F&F is giving me so much new information that I can begin to apply now that I have a basic understanding of T-Tapp. The first time I read the book it was purely inspirational and motivational. Now I’m reading it in more detail and slowly so I can digest bits and pieces and apply it to my workouts.

    I’m really glad Kara started this thread, I’m not sure I would have taken the time to do this!

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    I'm a newbie. I've done the BWO+ for about 6 weeks plus a bootcamp. I just got the book on Thursday and I finished it today. Chapter 3 was my favorite. I do not drink enough water and I never realized this might be holding me back. Also, my feet are generally too far apart in my stance and when I was doing flat back exercises, I did not arch my back but kept it tucked. The book really helped open my eyes to that. I did PBS with feet a little closer and my back actually arched or more flattened while straightening each knee and I could tell a huge difference in the stretch of my hamstrings.

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