So my BP was way way up two weeks ago; they put me straight in the hospital from my doctor's appointment. I'm not on strict bed rest--yet--but I'm relatively close. Not even allowed to walk around the block slowly! I had just purchased and received the Sit Down T-Tapp tape the day I went in the hospital, and I've had time to view it and was wondering if I should bring it to my next appointment and ask if I could do that. I could tell it raises the heart rate, etc. I was also thinking that simply doing some of the T-Tapp exercises would lower my blood pressure. Which I do have under control when I'm at home, but going out and waiting in a doctor's office elevates it a bit! I will not do anything without my doctor's approval because we really want this baby, but I was wondering if there was some wisdom out there on how to approach asking the doc so that I might get a yes from him?