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varicose veins and skin brushing

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  • varicose veins and skin brushing

    I am new to t-tapp and skin brushing. I will be receiving my products this week in the mail and excited to get started. However, I do have a concern now about skin brushing with varicose veins that run along the back of my legs and vaginally. They have been progressively worse after 5 pregnancies. I have read online to not skin brush if you have varicose veins. I am concerned now that I will cause a problem. Does anyone have more information that I can look up?

    I am 33 and not terribly overweight, but really out of shape and the veins are the thick and throbbing kind, but they only bother me during my menstrual cycle or after sex, guess the blood flow causes the pressure.

    Thanks for any thoughts,

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    Crystal, I have bulging veins on the back of my hands and feet, not quite painful varicose veins yet, the skin brushing help the skin and tighten and thicken up and more collagen under the skin layer. I no longer have old lady hands. I don't brushing will hurt at all, a lot of people report improvement on varicose veins.

    Have you consider increasing natural supplement to get the blood moving and strengthen the veins?

    Do you also happen to have migraine (weather related sinus headache) and hemmoroids? If you do it might be mineral deficiency, for what is needs to build strong and tight tissues and veins.

    If you have frequent leg cramps or easy bruising, you might be Magnesium deficiency. You can get Magnesium from supplements or foods. Foods that have lots of Magnesium are: green leafy veggies, nuts, olives, almonds, parsley, potatoes, plums, tomatoes, rye bread, pumpkin, etc.

    You can also get magnesium oil soak, see T-Tapp store. Or Health and Wisdom.

    It can also be vitamin K deficiency. There’s lots of vitamin K in spinach, cabbage, nuts, liver, soy oil, walnuts, etc.

    Sometimes there’s a direct connection with vitamin C deficiency. Vitamin C and vitamin B1 are the vitamins that don’t get stored in your body. You need to replenish them on daily basis. Eat more organic veggies, fruits, scallions, red peppers, lemons, oranges, tomatoes, spinach, black currents, etc. Also buckwheat, green tea, red pepper, grapes and rosehip tea.

    This links has quite a bit of good information on natural herbs and supplements:

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      Thank you Crystal for asking the question and thank you for such good advice.



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        Thank you for the response! I think my main concern is that I wouldn't release a blood clot or something from skin brushing? Why do people say not to skin brush if you have veins? I eat pretty healthy, green smoothies, drink water with apple cider vinegar. My main bad thing with food would be the sugar which I plan on giving up