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Brushing before or after workout?

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  • Brushing before or after workout?

    Ok - this is a little nuts I know but I've had some thoughts lately about brushing and need to check them out with other people who brush. This is going to be long because I'm kind of thinking out loud here!!

    I've been brushing every since I started to T-tapp but it was essentially kind of haphazard and if I missed a day I didn't really pay much attention. However three years ago (time flies) my appendix ruptured and I went in for emergency surgery. Following the surgery I was talking on the phone to Lauren at T-tapp Central in a panic because I was hugely swollen, from my toes to my face, and felt absolutely dreadful. I couldn't even make it to the bathroom without help. But I also knew that if I upped my alfalfa that would help and that any walking T-Tapp style I could do would help bet rid of the "crap" that they had pumped me full of. Lauren also told me to start brushing IMMEDIATELY and to drink as much water as I could managed.

    So by the 4th day after my surgery I was lying in bed reaching wherever I could with my brush and doing circles and long strokes. If I could reach it I would brush it!!!! Lauren also suggested that once the bandages came off my abdomen I should start in that. Well being the anal person that I am I began doing the brushing around the edges of the bandages. I'd steady the bandage with my hand and brush the skin around as gently as I could manage. Once the bandages came off I brushed around the incisions; once they were healed completely I started brushing them too. I also started in with SATI although initially all I could manage was about three minutes.

    This is when I became a convert to brushing. I can truly say I have not missed one day since then. Because when I went to the surgeon for my six week check up he had to check HIS records to verify the day he'd done my surgery. The marks from his surgery were so healthy looking that he had to check his dates. When he asked what I had done I told him. He just nodded and said "that was good".

    After about 6 months to a year you could barely see the smaller scars. Now after three years only one the faintest mark from the biggest scar is left and I'm the only one who can find it.

    So I am a major believer in skin brushing. However one of the things that has occurred to me in the last week or so is the best time to for ME to brush.

    The problem is that I am a major sweater when I work out. I'm not even half way through PBS before I damp and by the time I finish the water is pouring off me. In the past I've been brushing immediately after my workout and then taking my shower. However over the weekend I was dragging my butt a bit and didn't do anything except brush in the morning before my shower. So it somehow registered in my brain that there is a huge difference in how my skin feels brushing when I'm still soaked in sweat vs brushing when my skin is nice and dry and warm.

    Brushing after my workout seems to be more difficult. I have to really pay attention to being very very very light with the brush. It almost seems to drag (not sure if that's the best word??) through the sweat and the brush pulls. However when I brushed when I'm dry my skin felt so much more better and less stressed.

    This morning I tried an experiment. I did my workout then hopped into the shower to rinse off the sweat. Then I dried off and brushed and had a second shower. Crazy nuts I know. But my skin feels better, somehow or another less stressed.

    I don't know if this makes sense to anyone but I'd sure be interested in any comments you all might have. For the record I'm almost 61, my heritage is English/Irish so I'm very fair. I know my skin is getting older so I'm wondering if something else is kicking in here?

    I mean I'd really rather not take two showers in the space of 5 minutes - it seems a bit nuts. Maybe I'll try brushing before I work out. Does anyone do that?

    I mean the idea is to get the crap out through both brushing and sweating but what's the best sequence. Is it best to sweat and then brush, or is equally effective to brush and then sweat? Will one way get rid of more stuff then the other?

    Anyone got any ideas here?

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    Dianne Wright
    Manitoba, Canada
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    Dianne, I think SeanyseanUK posted about Kiona sharing to brush before a workout. I did that, and sometimes didn't get my post-workout brushing in. I think it still gives you benefits, but that's jmho!

    I've also used a handtowel to pat dry some areas that are really sweaty when I want to brush before a shower but no time to cool down!

    And what a WONDERFUL testimony for brushing! Now that you mention it, my gall bladder surgery scars are barely visible anymore, too! That was done 13 years ago, and they had diminished, but since starting brushing they are definitely minimal now!

    Thanks for sharing!

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      Dianne, it makes perfect sense to me! I also hate brushing after my wo and the major sweat My skin feels so irritable and painful a bit. They say that brushing over wet skin causes micro tears in the skin. After hearing that I feel like I can sense every single one of them. So I prefer dry brushing definitely. Usually I wait to dry before brush and then go to shower, or I just jump into it and brush in the evening. I guess brushing before a wo is also a good idea, you are clearing your skin and preparing it for the wo. Why don't you give a try and then decide?
      This was my not-that-much-experienced advice, but I hope someone will show here and give you another opinion.


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        I always brush before I WO. Firstly because I hate brushing when I'm sweaty and also because it moves my toxins and brings them to skin level, so when I sweat I can get rid of some stuff. Sort of like washing my toxins away with the sweat.


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          Thanks for the answers ladies - sounds like the consensus is that brushing before should be just as effective.

          Trish I'll look for Kiona's posting.

          Georgina - glad I'm not the only one finding sweaty brushing painful.

          Tara what you said makes sense - once the toxins are at skin level they should sweat out with the regular "drip". Then the shower should wash away everything.

          I'm going to start this tomorrow - brush first, then workout and see how I feel after a couple of days. Certainly can't hurt to run an experiment and I really can't rationalize two showers in 5 mins.

          Thanks again

          Dianne Wright
          Manitoba, Canada
          \"I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to dance better than myself.\" - Mikhail Baryshnikov -


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            Hi...just checked in. I used to brush after my w/o, but didn't like the way it felt with the sweat. I am also a 'heavy sweater'. I found that it FEELS much better to me if I shower first and after drying off, I brush. I also brush right before going to bed sometimes. Just the act of brushing is like a w/o and gets my heart rate up. I think that it helps me to continue to burn calories longer.
            Grace and Peace,


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              Well just to update - for a week I've been brushing first, wo second, then my shower. I think I like this much better then wo/ first then brushing. My skin doesn't seem nearly as irritated after brushing. Not sure if if gives the same lymphathic elimination as brushing after w/o though so that is something I'm going to have to pursue. I think I call the office tomorrow and get their advice. I'm over my head here to know which is better. Certainly feel like my skin isn't being torn though so that's good.

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              Dianne Wright
              Manitoba, Canada
              \"I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to dance better than myself.\" - Mikhail Baryshnikov -


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                Dianne, like Trisch, I "towel off" with a special (ick) towel after my workout and then stand next to the hurricane force fan for a minute and then brush. I find that if I intend to brush before I workout, suddenly I'm all done and I forgot AGAIN! (I'm such a pattern animal, learning a new pattern is really hard!) Definitely NOT brushing when you are still wet though - it really does tear your skin. All that ick on your skin going into those micro tears can't be a good thing... Whether it really is bad or not, it kind of grosses me out. LOL

                Thanks for sharing your awesome story!

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                  Ok - so yesterday I had to call T-Tapp Central for some info from Lauren and I used the opportunity to ask her about the brushing. Essentially either before or after works, the most important point is to brush. However she did say that brushing before the workout puts more emphasis on the skin's tightening whereas brushing after your workout puts more emphasis on cellulite. Optimum therefore I think would be brushing both before to tighten up the skin almost like a "pre-workout" and then afterword for further moving the cellulite.

                  For me though, since my goal is to continually tighten the flab and not so much cellulite issues I'm going to brush before my workouts. What I will do in my showers though is use my shower puff to do a second, light mini massage on the places I do have cellulite. I think this will keep my skin much happier.

                  Thanks everyone for all your input - and just keep brushing!!!

                  Dianne Wright
                  Manitoba, Canada
                  \"I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to dance better than myself.\" - Mikhail Baryshnikov -


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                    Great plan - thanks for getting the clarification and sharing it with us!

                    Dropped my synthroid numbers twice in 6 weeks!
                    Check out my success story:
                    2010 60 day challenge LTL runner up


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                      I have been doing the before and afters quite a lot since Kiona's tip about doing so, and I have to say its taken my results to a whole new level. I too get sweaty - doing the instructionals and I just towel off but I'm convinced that by brushing before the workout its like a gentle warm up, and brushing afterwards helps me to hit anywhere I've not activated (which is rareity especially when doing the instructionals) but I'm convinced its a destresser and something that my muscles actually like. It rocks! Kiona's tips are always awesome!