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Blackstrap Molasses & Skin Care Update

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  • Blackstrap Molasses & Skin Care Update

    Importance of Blackstrap Molasses & Skin Care Update

    October 27, 1999

    I first discovered the value of blackstrap molasses in 1979 when I was a vegetarian and had anemia. I was a vegetarian for 4 years, but as an O blood type, I needed my red meat! At any rate, a homeopathic physician suggested taking molasses in addition to eating raisins. For some reason, my body didn't tolerate iron in supplement form and I couldn't seem to eat enough raisins to get the anemia under control. Well after just three weeks of cooking everything in cast iron cookware and having daily cups of hot tea with molasses (first thing in the morning and again before bedtime), I wasn't anemic anymore!

    Blackstrap molasses is a very rich source of minerals and vitamins. Since it is produced from the last possible extraction of the cane in refining sugar, it is the richest in nutrients of sugar-related products. It contains more calcium than milk, more iron than many eggs, and more potassium than any food, and it is an excellent source of B vitamins. The iron in molasses absorbs better when you take it with vitamin C; so add a slice of lemon or a squirt of lemon in the tea. You can also add a spoonful of molasses in a glass of orange juice. It is also rich in copper, magnesium, phosphorus, pantothenic acid, inositol, and vitamin E. One tablespoon of blackstrap molasses contains 3 milligrams of iron and over 100 milligrams of calcium. Recommended daily dosage is one tablespoon dissolved in one cup of lukewarm water or milk; half that amount is recommended for children.

    Molasses is also a good source of natural sugar and can be used as a sugar substitute in cereals and may be eaten instead of jam or jelly. It is great with oatmeal. Substitute molasses for a portion of the usual sweetener in the cookies you're baking. Most recipes for gingersnaps use blackstrap molasses instead of white sugar. My favorite way to supplement molasses into my diet is to have a cup of tea with lemon and teaspoon of molasses along with three gingersnap cookies. A healthy sweet treat!

    Reversing anemia is nothing compared to the many benefits of molasses. There are many cases of growths (both malignant and benign, large and small, internal and external) that have dissolved and disappeared simply by using molasses for only a few days or weeks. In all instances, molasses was consumed internally but it can be also be used topically when the problem is at the surface of the skin. Check out these well-known benefits of molasses:
    • Ulcers, both internal and external (even gastric) improve and often heal[/*]
    • Arthritis pain often disappears[/*]
    • Nervousness (hyperactive child to war-shocked veteran) may Eczema, Dermatitis, Psoriasis and other skin problems improve/heal[/*]
    • High Blood Pressure often moderates[/*]
    • Glide through pregnancy or menopause with fewer problems[/*]
    • Varicose veins improve and often repair themselves[/*]
    • And the list goes on… hair damage, angina pectoris, colitis all respond to supplementing the diet with mineral-rich molasses.[/*]

    Additionally, there are unexpected benefits that can accrue just by consuming a little molasses daily such as: strengthen brittle nails, reverse premature gray hair, alleviate constipation, and help balance your pH level (molasses is alkaline).

    With so many benefits, I suggest that you take molasses even if you don't have a problem! I am amazed at the power of molasses. "Basics for a better body" is my slogan for fitness and health, but molasses is definitely a "better body basic”, so try adding some to your dietary plan for optimal health.

    Update on Skin Care

    Dermatologists recommend using a variety of cleansers for optimal skin health. Even though I highly recommend using the Enfuselle C+E Repair PM, Infusing Mineral Masque and Hydrating Toner, I do use other cleansers.

    One of the best and quickest ways to remove make-up is cleansing with a product called "Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile Soap". Cost is only $3.95 for 8 oz bottle (a little bit goes a long way) and should last 6 months or more. Most health food stores carry it. I like the peppermint version… talk about a refreshing wake up tingle! This soap is what models use to remove heavy makeup from during runway shows. It’s great in the bath too! If you have dry skin, follow with a gentle cleanser called "Cetaphil", which softens as it cleanses. Created by Galderma Lab and recommended by dermatologists, Cetaphil is available at most drug stores for approximately $6.00 for 16 oz. It’s great for cleansing the face in the morning and wonderful for shaving the legs.

    Have a great week. Be Your Best!

    Teresa Tapp

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