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Pyruvyl-Glycine for Greater Fat Burning

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  • Pyruvyl-Glycine for Greater Fat Burning

    Pyruvyl Glycine for Greater Fat Burning

    May 17, 1999

    Well, this Friday I leave for Malibu, California to do the Body Builder TV Show “Infinite Power”. I was supposed to do it last weekend, but that’s TV for ya – last minute schedule changes are common. After 18 years in the modeling world, I am used to going with the flow. At least I was able to tan a little bit before going on air with major California tans and hard bodies.

    Those body builders are going crazy with the Pyruvyl Glycine spray along with the T-Tapp Total System. Not only is the Pyruvyl Glycine helping them with endurance during weight training, but also they are getting better “muscle cuts” in the thigh (hamstring and quads), which is a tough area for all women – even body builders. The reason why is because the Pyruvyl Glycine spray stimulates the muscle fibers to burn glucose even without exercise; with exercise it gives greater fat burning along with glycogen. Since the quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteal muscles are large groupings, the Pyruvyl Glycine really makes a difference with and/or without exercise. A lot of competitive body builders take some time off after a competition to “rest” the body and let it repair. Often during these “rest” times their bodies “blow up” with a fat layer over muscle and water retention. Well with the T-Tapp Workout, CRT System and Pyruvyl Glycine they are able to maintain their muscle cuts and not “blow up”. They lose some of the “bulk” that can easily be rebuilt with the weights and creatine supplements. The T-Tapp Workout creates long, cut muscles and maintains a high resting glucose utilization rate even on off days.

    The CRT Skin Tightening System maintains good lymphatic and skin elimination of body toxins and prevents water retention. The Pyruvyl Glycine spray also contains L-Carnitine and HCA, which help boost the body during muscle activity to burn glycogen and fat. The HCA stimulates the body’s citric acid cycle and helps the body process carbs rather than convert them to fat. Pyruvyl Glycine is the amino acid version of pyruvate and clinically proven to be double effective… add the additional ingredients to the proprietary formula and you’ve got up to 7 times the effectiveness of regular pyruvate (with no stomach upset)!

    Since the TV show is going to air nationwide on May 30th, I am going to extend a special offer to those on the T-Tapp Tip of the Week Newsletter. You can purchase the 2 ounce one month supply (12 sprays per day) for only $30.00 and free shipping. Regular retail is $39.95, so that is a 25% savings! This spray (tastes like raspberry sweet tarts) will boost any type of workout to get faster results and is great for days when you eat too many carbs (just spray more). It does not stimulate heart rate or nervous system (only the Krebs cycle, which is muscle tissue), so you can spray and go to bed! Some call it the “carbohydrate cheat spray” since it helps the body keep its glucose levels down and you won’t have carb to fat conversion so quickly. The 25% savings will be available until May 29th.

    Tip of the Week: Now that sandal season is near, I thought that you would like to know some tips for great looking feet. Most people know how to give themselves a pedicure… I like to start each spring with a professional pedicure and then follow-up with my own once a month for maintenance. However, I am amazed at how many people suffer from toe fungus. This unsightly disease spreads easily and it is very difficult to get under control. If you have it, here’s a secret from Europe… apply colloidal silver liberally on the affected area. You can get it in sublingual eyedropper or spray form. Once applied, rub it in. Do this morning and night. Psoriasis is often a problem, too. Colloidal silver and Immune Boost work great for that skin condition too. Primary ingredients of Immune Boost spray are vitamin C and Zinc. I like the Immune Boost spray (made by Matt Products – 2 ounces for $14.95) so much that I hope to have it available on my web site shopping cart soon. I have testimonials from people that are able to keep their psoriasis under control with just 8 sprays a day. Many topical crèmes contain ingredients that just suppress the inflammation and symptoms. I believe it is much better to boost the body’s immune system and help the body repair itself. That’s the same premise behind the development of the T-Tapp Total System. You don’t just burn calories and fat; you rebuild the body’s primary systems. You don’t have to diet and the body will repair itself, retighten the skin and eliminate cellulite.

    Now, back to feet … to keep heals soft and “crack free” use olive oil nightly or whenever wearing socks. Use those “block” white polisher files (used for artificial nails) to keep “ridges” away. Always use aloe gel (I like Fruit of the Earth brand) after washing the feet. Foot models always wash their feet prior to bedtime with an antibacterial soap (most use Lever 2000) then apply Fruit of the Earth Aloe Gel, then moisturize with olive oil or Crisco. When using color polish always use clear first to keep toenails from staining. The vogue look right now is clear toes or French manicure on toes for a clean look. If you are like me and have water retention sensitivity where at the end of the day the feet are often slightly swollen… here’s the solution. Wash feet and massage aloe gel in. Rub circular pattern on top of foot and in between toes. Then rub inside arch and around anklebone. Pull all the toes back with hands and at the same time try pushing the toes against the hands pulling. This “push-pull” technique really does the trick. Then curl toes down towards the sole of the foot (with hands) and repeat “push-pull”. Do this 3 times. You’ll be amazed how well this works. I also lay on my back with legs up and “point-flex” 4 times, then do ankle circles outward and inward 8 times each (done on the Hit the Floor workout). That’s it! You should be ready for sandal season in record time. Besides, after being in the modeling world, I am shocked at how many women let their feet get “nasty”. You don’t have to have professional pedicures and painted toenails to have nice feet. Just clean, fungus free, neatly trimmed toenails (that aren’t “thick”) with non-dry, scaly skin looks great. Good grooming never goes out of style.

    Until next week…

    Teresa Tapp

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