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  • Thyroid/anemia

    I went to the doctor Monday. I am borderline hypothyroid and borderline anemic. I am going back for an iron test right after my next cycle. His guess is I am running anemic half the month due to heavy flow. My thyroid was diagnosed on symptoms since I am still on the low end of normal with my T4 (all other numbers were good). He put me on a low dose of levothyroxine. If that proves to alleviate symptoms then then we can work with a natural supplement or armour, but he said this would be more stable to show diagnosis. If nothing shows up with either we will test for lyme's disease which is prevalent in our area. I had a tick bite over a year ago, so that is a possibility. One thing at a time. I am hopeful. Thanks for all the support and help!


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    Wishing you the very best treatments and peace of mind and soundness of mind in dealing with this challenge. Hugs to you.

    Pamela, Type 3, strong secondary Type 4

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      Thought I would add a question. After beginning the medication I have been told by two people that once you start the medicine you can't stop taking it (that is what their doctor told them). My doctor said we could try it for 6 weeks to see if it helps and if not then we would look for other possibilities. I asked the pharmacist about this and he said the only reason people can't stop taking it is because they need it to keep their numbers up and because they feel better. Has anybody had a problem with this? Does anybody wish they wouldn't have started medication? I am a bit confused by the advice people give.



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        Angie, there are different schools of thought on it. I wish I had known about the thyroid/adrenal connection better and worked on my adrenals first.

        I would think to taper off the thyroid meds would be better than just going off them. I tried to do that last summer, going every other day, and it was obvious my body still depended on the thyroid med (I take a naturally compounded thyroid close to Armour). Of course, another school of thought is now my body is dependent on it. That's likely very true, but living in constant tiredness, etc., is no fun, either!

        I am working on my adrenals through diet and some supplement, and I'm hoping to at least decrease my thyroid med or tweak it once the adrenals are stronger.

        Just keep addressing the adrenals along with the thyroid. Oh, and this is really good for building your blood:

        I have taken the herbs in capsules but not gotten as good of results as the tincture. I am actually planning to make my own tinctures of many of the ones we use a lot of! My girls will take this during their cycle, and my 12 yodd was anemic earlier this year (no cycles yet) took this and it helped.

        HTH! Glad you found some answers!

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          Well, I started the medicine, so hopefully if that is not my problem we can tell the difference. It is hard to work on the adrenals when you can't stay awake or concentrate. I am hoping if my thyroid shows it does need help that I can do things naturally along with the adrenals. I don't know anymore what is right or wrong, but I guess I am going with it and praying all will be well.



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            Boy have I been there. Same thing - heavy periods, anemia, exhausted, low Thyroid. My problem is I was in such a bad way I did not even think to take responsibility for my health. They determined I had fibroids and despite my thyroid not being under control after about 7 months of upping the synthroid a little at a time, I had thermal ablation. For me, this was a huge blessing and the anemia was gone within 6 months. Still the exhaustion though - not like being tired, but like being drugged - shot with a sedative. Finally got a synthroid dose down and then, as a new year's resolution, decided to lose 25. Strict calorie/fat/protien/carb counting and walking 4 miles did not budge the scale FOR AN ENTIRE MONTH!!!!!!!!!!! Talk about frustrating. Now I've lost the weight and am ready to go back for my annual to get levels checked and see if I need an adjustment, hopefully down. When I think back to my starting point, I had no idea how badly I felt because it came on so gradually over such a long time. Now that I am back I realize just how aweful it was - eyes closing while driving, mood, depression, foggy brain and total disconnect with my chubby body. I couldn't look in the mirror. The thyroid solution book helped and bit by bit the gradual lifting of the oppressive wool shroud I didnt even know I suffered under lifted. Think long term, think how even the smallest positive change over a long time will bring positive results. Hang tough, you've got lots of great company of those who are going though this too and those who are on the other side battling to maintain. Good for you for taking control and addressing this. You can do it.


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              Thanks for the encouragement! How low were your thryroid levels? Only my T4 level is on the normal to low side. Do you think your problem was mostly low iron or your thyroid?

              This is so frustrating for me ladies! I honestly feel like I am losing my mind. I have only been on the medicine for 5 days now and feel like I am going bonkers. I am not sure if I should be taking it and yet I am not sure it would have effect this fast. I am happy to say that my moods are better, but it is also the time of month when they usually are and the time of month that my iron should be up a bit, so how does one differentiate? I am having terrible insomnia now, feel shaky, and have stomach pains, which I don't like a bit. I am still yawning and "feel" like I need sleep, but I can't sleep, which can't be good for my adrenals. Sigh. Not sure what is going on or what to do.



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                The thing about "never being able to get off the meds" is a complicated one. When you supplement your body with a hormone/chemical that it makes on it's own, then the feedback cycle is altered. The feedback cycle sees that there is already that much chemical in the blood, so it doesn't make it on it's own anymore. The catch with going off the meds is the time period that your body must adjust to making that chemical again. I suppose there is the risk that your body will just never pick up the slack again.
                Thyroid meds are a tricky thing. At my work I have a wonderful woman who will sometimes ask me to run her thyroid levels when she feels off and she adjusts her meds accordingly. Now, this is not possible for everyone to do, I understand that. But I believe it's important to keep tabs on your numbers. The preparation of the meds between companies (generic vs name brand) can also alter how it functions in your body. I would venture to guess from my friend's level changes, that it can also differ between lots, or batches of meds made. There IS a difference between Synthroid and Levo and all the thyroid meds in the ways they function, that's why they are patented.
                I wish you great luck in your journey to a healthy body, I'm sorry I couldn't help with your questions about sleep.



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                  jaci ~ That is kind of what I thought. I went in to the doctor today and they took me off the medicine. I had several more tests done and will go back next week. Thanks for your kind response.



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                    This thread concerns me. When you have both iron anemia and thyroid problems, celiac must always be considered. Has your doctor even suggested it? Heavy periods can also be a symptom due to malabsorption of hormones (celiac causes malabsorption of nutrients and hormones). Please request a full celiac panel from your doctor....and, hopefully, he knows what that is. Unfortunately, many doctors don't....which is why celiac disease is so under-diagnosed. I pop in here at the forums now and then to remind people of how common celiac is. Please take this possibility seriously....

                    Laura (Rosetapper)


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                      I had to smile and almost cry at the same time when I read your post, because all of this concerns me too! I seem to be working so hard and trying to do things right and yet it doesn't seem to be "working." Thanks for posting here. I go back to the doctor on Tuesday. It is a different doctor in the same office, because my doctor is on vacation. He is new, and I happen to know he is really big on gluten intolerance, which is similar to celiac, correct? I already had a feeling he might go that direction, but I was worried that would be a rabbit trail, so I am glad you mentioned it. I thought it was diagnosed by trial and error.