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Alternative to Tetanus Shots for a Puncture Wound?

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  • Alternative to Tetanus Shots for a Puncture Wound?

    My 12 yodd got a nail 1 inch deep into her foot in the barn. Yeah, rusty, dirty, animals live there!

    And no, she wasn't wearing shoes although dh really doesn't think it would have helped I guess!

    So I sit here and know TOO much and want to do the right thing for her. I'm praying, researching, etc. I would appreciate any input.

    I'm finding a lot of how the toxoid doesn't really help, to ask for Tetanus Immune Globulin, etc. but not a lot about what else I can do holistically. Seems to be many homeopathic things out there, but I am turning to my Tapping sisters to ask if anyone here has used something besides the traditional tetanus toxoid.

    I'm not going to put the responsibility on anyone else, I just want to make the best decision. And my poor brain is tired--it's been a loonnnggg 4 days lately!


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    Trisch - Like you need another crisis! Hugs! No answers.


    You can learn something from everyone you meet. Just listen...


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      Trisch, give April D a call. I think she has some experience with an alternative. Praying.


      I am 61 and stronger than I have ever been and more than ready for this next stage of life. I plan on keeping my muscle strength, bone strength and flexibility through t-tapp way into my 90's. Think of all the fun I am going to have the next 30 years!!


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        Trisch, what about calling Joan at Health and Wisdom also? She has alot of insight on herbs and what not. I know a case where someone got rid of poison from a tick bite by putting activated charcoal on and kept changing it out. What about liver and bloodstream cleansers. I know nothing so really don't listen to me I am thinking there must be something in nature that can be done before the med alternative. I am just thinking draw it out. Hugs and hope someone will have an answer!


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          A midwife I once talked with about whether or not to vaccinate my babies, told me how she doesn't vaccinate her kids except for the tetanus. And that one she did because her kids were exposed to horses and she said that is the real risk of getting tetanus. Not from rusty nails, but from the ground being contaminated by the feces of horses, so any puncture on land where there are horses. I'm not sure what natural alternatives there are, but I am sure they do exist. I second Nikki Dawn's advice, I'd call Joan!


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            Tea tree oil with deep wounds and taking oral sodium chlorite (5 drops citric acid to 1 drop MMS solution) and I'd start with around 3 drops MMS every couple of hours and see how he feels.

            After about an hour or so I'd take an activated charcoal to absorb the things that get killed and move it safely out of the system. And then keep up this routine, keeping a very, very close eye on the wound.

            I get very nervous about tetanus as lock jaw is so stinkin' scary!

            I also know that if you have Turmeric (it's a spice and I get mine from in capsules, but you'll find it in the spice section in bulk) I'd take that, too, as it greatly BOOSTS the immune system. It's very orangey-yellow.

            HTH and gentlest hugs,

            Pamela, Type 3, strong secondary Type 4

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              Pamela, Type 3, strong secondary Type 4

              "that through his death he might bring to nothing the one having the means to cause death, that is, the Devil;" Hebrews 2:14
              "As the last enemy, death is to be brought to nothing." 1 Corinthians 15:26


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                Thank you ALL so much!

                I will give April a call, Bev! And I may call or e-mail Joan, too!

                I do feel less anxious--she did have a shot a few years ago before we started rethinking even the tetanus and a friend who is an ER nurse (but very holistic herself!) told me if it's been in the past 5 years, they don't give another one. Plus I now know to ask for Human TIG if I really feel we need an antitoxin. Although we have some antitoxin in our refrigerator for the goats! (JK!)

                Off to check out all your wonderful links and write down all your input! THANK YOU!

                Pamela, you're a gem! HUGS!

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                  For future, you can also keep the homeopathic nosodes on hand, so if a shot is needed, you give the nosodes to counteract any side-effects from the shots. Usually, they give DT at the hospital/Dr. ofc, so you'd need Tetanus Toxinum and Diptherinum; 200C potency is best. We've avoided all but this and the nosodes kept them from even getting soreness and swelling from tetanus. I should also mention, though, that I did have my L.Ac. test and treat both boys for every component of every vaccine, including the preservatives, etc., like thimeresol, JUST IN CASE, before we did the shots. BUT, oldest DS did accidentally receive a DTP (that was supposed to be tetatus only) with our homeopath when he was two. They immediately gave him the other two nosodes and he didn't have any reaction -- not even the expected muscle soreness. Prayer was a component, also, but I believe the nosodes were instrumental.

                  If anyone wants more info on our decisions about this, feel free to PM or e-mail me. Don't want to get into too many details on here!

                  Holistic Health Life Coach

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                    Wow! Thanks for that info, Moyne!

                    I called Bev's and my mutual friend April and will share what she told me:

                    Solomon Wicke, an Amish holistic healer, said lobelia kills tetanus on contact. I don't have the tincture but I do have a homeopathic I had bought thinking it was the tincture for my dd with pneumonia. April said it can't hurt! So I just put that on.

                    She also said to make a drawing poultice--activated charcoal or even milk and sugar are good. I plan to do that in a little bit, then do oil of oregano and then the GOOT. And make her eat garlic! I found that out on a WellTellMe forum by a lady whose dd stepped on a horseshoe with a nail in it!

                    I did think there had to be something to counteract any bad side effects from the vaccination if we felt it necessary to do so. I really appreciate that iformation, Moyne!

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                    Blessed Mama of 9 (and 14 in Heaven)
                    Master T-Tapp Trainer in Northern Indiana, certified in TWO, MORE, HTF, Senior Fit and LadyBug
                    (Thank you, Mom and Dad!)
                    ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer

                    From a 22W to a 6!
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                    Website: Be Youthful 'n Fit

                    "Don't let another priceless moment slip through your fingers because
                    you are 'too busy'. While you have the time, take the time."
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                        Thank you!

                        Dd is having some redness there. I drew a ring around it and slathered it with GOOT. Set my alarm for 2 to check on it. It wouldn't be the first time we had to go to an ER in the middle of the night from a foot wound!

                        Can I just say I am tired?! Feel like my house is sick ward! 19 yodd on one end moaning from her illness (and feeling worse) and 12 yodd in the sunroom on the other end of the house crying for the pain. Poor girls!

                        Thanks everyone for your help!

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                        Blessed Mama of 9 (and 14 in Heaven)
                        Master T-Tapp Trainer in Northern Indiana, certified in TWO, MORE, HTF, Senior Fit and LadyBug
                        (Thank you, Mom and Dad!)
                        ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer

                        From a 22W to a 6!
                        My Testimonial Tuesday

                        Website: Be Youthful 'n Fit

                        "Don't let another priceless moment slip through your fingers because
                        you are 'too busy'. While you have the time, take the time."
                        ~Crystal Paine~


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                          sorry you have so much going on. The tetanus situation i use ledum its a homeopathic remedy i got mine from my homeopath but you can buy it at health food stores. My homeopath does phone consults to and is very reasonable if you need help. Also my instructions from her is with tetanus always make it bleed. You can look up articles from Hilary Butler also on tetanus google her. She is a freind of mine from New Zealand. Tetanus needs a anaeorobic enviornment if it bleeds there is oxygen present the spores of tetnus cant grow in the wound. Most of us carry Tetanus in our gut and it also is presant in house hold dust. Now I do know there are times that we need to be concerend but just be educated first.
                          Hope this helps

                          Lots of good stuff to read about tetanus

                          I found this from Hilary on tetanus
                          Hilary Butler on Tetanus

                          Tetanus is another one of those things which I spent years researching.
                          I have a long tome which is not in a format to put it into E, so you
                          will be spared another Sheri post. Instead you will get a tome of a
                          different kind. No, I would not have the vaccine, and in making that
                          choice, this is some of the information I would have thought about. I'm
                          not putting it all, otherwise I'd be here writing, in a weeks time...


                          The first is that Australia did a study the results of which were
                          published in the New Zealand Doctor 18, March 1993, pg 23. This was the
                          first time a study like this had ever been done..., to see what the
                          antibody levels were in people 10 years after their last booster. Here
                          is what the medical article said:


                          Too many tetanus shots Some people having tetanus boosters already have
                          antibody levels more than 8,000 times (eight thousand) the protective
                          level needed, suggesting Australia's regime of a booster every 10 years
                          is in need of a change. Community physicians say Australia should adopt
                          the UK regime which advises after five doses, further boosters are

                          So the first thing maybe, is go have a titre count done.

                          But lets look at this titre thing. Way back in the 80's there was a
                          study done in the Scandinavian J Infect Dis 1983: 15;303 -306, which
                          looked at soldiers who had been given heaps of tetanus vaccine. Their
                          antibody levels were way too high as well, and what they discovered was
                          that "repeated exposure to an antigen, or an overdose of antigen, will
                          not continually enhance the immune response and may lead to inhibition
                          or telerance at either T or B cells level.. in addition, a possible
                          feedback effect stimulated by the high level of toxoid antibodies may
                          suppress, as Stevens
                          and Saxon have illustrated, the production of more antibodies at a
                          later date"

                          Okay? Do you understand the implications of this?

                          It came out loud and clear in The Journal of Family Practice, 1997, Vol
                          44, No 3, pg 299 - 303 when a 29 year old man was admitted with severe
                          generalised tetanus despite having had a primary series and two booster
                          injections. And his levels were only 100 times that considered
                          protective, not 8,000 times as per the Australian study!!!.

                          Now, if you look at the New Zealand scene, where it was pointed out in
                          the New Zealand Medical Journal (24th November 1994)that most people
                          over 35 are unlikely to have had a vaccine, since it was only inroduced
                          in 1960, then you have to ask yourself why every over-40 year old,
                          isn't dropping
                          dead with tetanus. In 1987 a serum survey showed that just over 50% of
                          the 60-65 group had immunity to tetanus. 83% of the 20-29 year olds,
                          64% of the 30 -35 year olds. And the stats aren't that much better
                          today. I understand they are even lower for the USA than for here. So
                          where did the people with immunity get it from? Many were not
                          vaccinated...see later...

                          Now, if you have a look at Tetanus in America, one of the most
                          interesting articles is a 1969 one from the New England Medical
                          Journal, Volume 280, Number 11, March 13. And on pages 570 there is a
                          really interesting decline graph for mortality rates, which shows that
                          the mortality rate plummetted dramatically from 64/100,000 in 1900to
                          8/100,000. in 1940. By 1950, with most mothers still unvaccinated, it
                          was 4.5/100,000.

                          Not that Tetanus was ever a very common cause of death before hand
                          anyway, in relation to all the other things that historically could do
                          you in. Marasmus was a much more common killer of children than
                          neonatal tetanus ever was... for instance.

                          They say that it may have been the use of anti-toxin from 1923, but I
                          know far too much about antitoxin to believe that!!! Antitoxin can kill
                          all by itself, primarily because it is made in horses, and has
                          horrendous side-effects in its own right. And some people treated with
                          anti-tetanus toxoid, will die of the toxoid side-effects, but that is
                          the risk you take, if you think yu have a chance of dying anyway.....

                          But the article also recognises that the anti-toxin is not the only
                          reason, because they cover their bums by also talking about improved
                          obstetric techniques and neonatal care. And I would have to say wound
                          care also. But the graph is pretty amazing.

                          In interesting study in the American Journal of Public Health, August
                          1984, Vol 74, No 8, showed that in 1,900 adults over 20 years of age,
                          the overall percentage immunised was 38.6%. Now if, in 1979, in
                          american, only 38.6% of adults were immunised, what are the factors
                          which operated then to prevent thousands of adults daily dying from

                          And obviously there are people still around in USA who still have never
                          been vaccinated. and haven't died yet. But let's look at something else
                          as well. As to why tetanus has always been a rare disease in civilian
                          communities in places like America.

                          The medical profession has always stated that a person does not acquire
                          natural immunity to tetanus. But the funny thing is that in 1975 in
                          Dakar, in the proceeding of the 4th international symposium on tetanus,
                          they talked about "latent" natural immunity causing reactions to
                          primary immunisation. Then there was the study in JAMA Nov 19, 1982,
                          Volume 248, No 19, in which a large number of the unvaccianted Amish
                          showed serological evidence of immunity to both diphtheria and tetanus.

                          (Incidentally, the same was though about rabies (that there is no
                          natural immunity), until a recent study showed that in Alaskan trappers
                          who had never had any vaccine, they too had antibodies. Poof goes that

                          Now, New Zealand should be THE prime hot-bed for tetanus. Everywhere
                          you turn, you fall over horses, etc etc - cows, sheep dogs. opossums,
                          you name it. And even here, Tetanus occurs sometimes, but not often.
                          And what has been most interesting to me is in WHOM it occurs.
                          Recently, I was able to to a bit of poking into the lives of 4
                          self-confessed tetanus sufferers who were in the stats. And every
                          single one of them had factors in their lives which pre-disposed them
                          to tetanus. One had even had a 3 primary 1 booster schedule, and she
                          ate refined foods, drank, smoked, and did recreation drugs. Well, hey.
                          What state was her immune system in!!! didn't stand a
                          chance at doing its job...

                          The other three ate the usual white flour, white sugar, coke,
                          biscuits,very little fruit and vegetables.....

                          One one was what I would call reasonable healthy, but he smoked like a
                          train - which as I showed him from the med lit, suppresses the immune
                          system considerably, especially in the airways and gut area...

                          Now, someone here said tetanus is only a risk with rusty nails /horses

                          It would be wonderful if that were so, but it isn't.

                          For a start, 5% of us carry it in our guts, happily replicating. In
                          fact, at one time, the best way to get tetanus in the medical
                          literature was to have a hemorrhoid dealt with. Until they got wise to
                          that one..

                          Tetanus is ubiquitous in our environment. It is everywhere, on

                          Where do you think it comes from on the rusty nail? Why do you think it
                          is that the highest rate of tetanus in vaccinated people is in homeless
                          drug shooters?

                          Go get some dust from your mantle-piece tested and it will be there, 10
                          to the power 6. It is found in bullet wounds, human bite wounds (!!) on
                          your carrots - you likely eat it every day. There is nowhere that
                          tetanus is not. In your carpet, on your soil, and often, on your skin.
                          And if you don't believe me, read the medical literature.

                          And far from rusty nails being the most common cause of tetanus, that
                          not true. Rusty nails account for less that 40% of tetanus. Most
                          comes where there is no discernable "portal of entry". It has even been
                          identified following ear-ache (which left me somewhat gob-smacked ---
                          the kid have grommets? and the thing shoved in the ear to "look see",
                          transfer Tetanus Clostridium? That wasn't even considered...)

                          Lets look at a bit more history from the medical literature. It has
                          always been known that war-time historically showed up the highest rate
                          of tetanus. Far higher than in civilians. Bullet/schrapnel wounds and
                          all, and the stress of fighting.

                          Boer war .28 of every thousand wounded got tetanus.
                          Crimean war 2.0 per 1,000
                          Am. Civil war 2.0 per thousand
                          Western front (Flanders horse country WWI average 1.47/thousand
                          wounded. 2nd world war varied from .06 - .43 per thousand. ( and not
                          everyone there was vaccinated either. In the paper on the American
                          Tetanus cases, most who got tetanus had been vaccinated....)

                          (The difference between the 2nd WW and the first has nothing to do with
                          the vaccine in my opinion. The second world war was in many ways, far
                          more hygienically fought. Where were all the mud-filled trenches, and
                          ghastly living conditions in the second world war, compared to the
                          first? Those who
                          know their history will see that right away...)

                          Now, the question should be, not why did the few actually GET tetanus,
                          but why didn't the other 998 per thousand wounded get it? Especially
                          when you realise that it was days, if not weeks, before those wounded
                          people got any serious attention. When you read about weeks in stinking
                          ships amongst the wounded from Gallipoli on their way to hospital in
                          EGYPT as well as the substandard treatment, you have to wonder why they
                          all didn't die.

                          The answer lies IMO in the unique susceptibility of the individual.
                          That a vaccine can confer immunity is not the question that needs to be
                          answered. The medical profession attributes the decrease in Tetanus
                          SOLELY to vaccination which is grossly misleading.

                          I mean, look at your family trees? Did all your great-grandparents die
                          of tetanus? Nope. Did they never get exposed to it? ACtually, they had
                          far more wounds likely to have harboured it, than we do today...

                          A good read of the medical textbooks of the 20's gives some idea as to
                          one chief reason..... In a study done in 1919-1920 by Dr Harriette
                          Chick of the lister Institute, and other working in Pirquets clinic in
                          Vienna, showed that "nearly all children in Central Europe were more or
                          less rachitic"

                          Remember Rickets? Remember being lined up with cod-liver oil and
                          black-strap molasses. (Last year, there was an article which shows that
                          rickets is rising again in the USA....)

                          Most older people living now can remember the free milk, cod-liver oil
                          by the spoon-full. One here has already made derogatory comments about
                          it.... Even in the rich communities in London in the 30's there were
                          still over 30% of children with definable nutritional deficiencies...

                          Now, its interesting in that light, to know that there are studies
                          which show that when you vaccinate people whose nutritional status is
                          not good, at least 30% do not respond to the vaccine, even when given
                          highly concentrated fluid toxoids (Med J Aust, Aug 7, 1976). Again the
                          work by Chandra shows that their rate of non-conversion to the vaccine
                          gets higher with the degree of malnutrition, and that malnourished
                          mothers pass on such low levels of IgG that the babies' passive
                          immunity is virtually nil.

                          There is no way around the blinding revelation of the obvious that

                          1) Bad nutrition is a very serious immune suppressor

                          2) Immune suppression, or malfunction, is the chief determiner of the
                          severity of tetanus.

                          And the work by Chandra et all, shows that obesity causes immune
                          changes similar to those caused by malnutrition, so nutritional status
                          is wide-ranging in its implications.

                          And then there is the hysteria factor which suppresses the immune
                          system as well, which was amply demonstrated in the USA in Johb Paul's
                          book "The history of Polio" where at times when the media hype was
                          bordering on the screaming paranoid, people would be admitted with what
                          they called

                          Talking of hysteria, rember that hysteria is one of the differential
                          diagnoses of tetanus, as is hypocalcemia, meningitis, rabies, drug
                          withdrawal, strychnine poisoning, and dystonic drug reaction.

                          "red streaks" may have nothing to do with tetanus at all. When I was in
                          USA in 1993, I got a chigger bite, which the chemist treated with what
                          looked like nail polish, and said it would be just fine. Well, it
                          wasn't. After 4 days, my legs ached, and I had red streaks up to the
                          groin. And while my hosts freaked their heads off, I plonked myself in
                          the bath, took a sterilised 3 inch needle, put a piece of wood between
                          my teeth, and opened it up in a Y shape. The rotten chigger, and pus
                          exploded everywhere....

                          And within three days, the red streaks had completely gone as had all
                          infection. And since I am fatally allergic to all antibiotics, no, I
                          didn't use them. I let my body do the job it is designed for, with
                          judicious help from vitamin quackery.....

                          Back to history

                          There is much made of the fact that the Japanese soldiers in WWII had a
                          lot of tetanus in comparison to the Americans. 14 per hundred.... But
                          when researching this, I was interested to read this "We embarked 284
                          wounded Japanese soldiers. We found them to be generally dirty,
                          emaciated and with wounds that had been improperly treated." By
                          contrast, the 384 wounded US
                          solders were described as clean, well-fed with wounds that had been
                          promptly treated.

                          Aparently this counted for nothing, and that the reason the USA
                          soldiers had escaped "in comparison" was the vaccine. Which makes me
                          very annoyed, because there is another factor they missed out, which is
                          integral to understanding the japanese-- What was not taken into
                          account was that to be taken captive was the ultimate in disgrace to
                          any japanese, and many lost the will to live, and died anyway. Imagine
                          the shape of the immune system of someone with no hope....

                          Now you would think too, that ALL the US personnel during WWII who got
                          tetanus would have been unimmunised, but not so. There were twelve
                          cases. 6 of them had completed an immunisation schedule, and one had
                          had one shot. And three of the 6 with a completed schedule, died. Three
                          of the unvaccinated suvived. The one who had had one shot, survived.
                          Seems sort of 50/50 to me. (Bull US Army Med Dept, Vol VII, no 4, April
                          1947). The British records are even stranger, with the immunized often
                          having a higher overall case mortality record than the unimmunsed. In
                          the Lancet, Jan 26, 1946, pg 116 looking at the case Mortality rates,
                          in the "protected" it was 50%, in the Unprotected it was 46.8%, and in
                          the incomplete or doubtful it was 42.1%.

                          The list of side-effects which I have for Tetanus vaccine is huge, but
                          I won't go into that. What I wanted to reinforce was nutritional
                          status, and some history, but finally to draw your attention to a most
                          interesting study. This is found in the Bangladesh medical Research
                          Council Bulleting, Volume 10, No 1, June 1984.

                          As I said, a differential diagnosis is Strynchnine poisoning. The first
                          part was to take two day old chicks divided into fur groups with 15
                          birds in each. Group one got 5 nanograms of strychnine sulphate (SS).
                          Group 2 got SS plus 30 mg of Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) Group 3 10
                          nonograms of SS, and group 4 got10 nanos SS and 30 mg Vitamin C. The
                          results were:

                          Group one, Wings of all birds stretched, Some walked on toes, others
                          kept jumping but could not walk.

                          Group 2 - No symptoms

                          Group 3, Extensor paralysis of legs, opisthotonus and severe
                          convulsions,and all but three died.

                          Group 4, Extensor paralysis in 3 chicks. No neurological symptoms in
                          others. the affected bird recovered in about 30 minutes after the
                          appearance of symptoms.

                          Then they randomly assigned tetanus cases into four groups.

                          Ages 1-11

                          No Vitamin C = 72% mortality rate.

                          Vitamin C 0% mortality rate.

                          Ages 13 - 30

                          Vitamin C, 37% mortality

                          Non Vitamin C 67.8 % mortality rate.

                          But they made one mistake with this. All patients got 1,000 mg of
                          Vitamin C. They did not ADJUST UPWARDS the dose of vitamin C for the
                          bigger body weight. Had they done that, the results might have been
                          different. They did another study looking at the use of B 6, pyrodoxine
                          and found that that also reduced both severity an mortality.

                          Think on that. Tetanus is a toxin-mediated disease, rather like
                          diphtheria. It is determined by nutritional status, and immune function
                          more than anything else...

                          But there is another interesting fact. The body, with a wound, puts up
                          "road-blocks" to stop the toxin spreading. It is fascinating to me,
                          that it has long been known that "Wound excision should be delayed
                          until the antitoxin is given, as free tetanospasmin is mobilized into
                          the blood-stream during surgical manipulation." In other words,
                          debridement of wounds breaks open these road-blocks, and floods the
                          system with poison....

                          I also found in interesting that in the Am J Dis Child Vol 135, June
                          1981, Pg 571 it says "the mortality in reported cases of tetanus is
                          higher in the USA than in developing countries." Perhaps it is because
                          in the USA the methods of treatment are very invastive, include
                          debridement, tracheotomy - a whole host of things which just can't be
                          done in developing countries, not just because of cost, but also
                          because of infection risk.



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                            Thank you for that, Amy! I am going to print this off to have on hand!

                            I found out her last shot was 4 years ago, so no arguments about it this time. It did bleed pretty freely. She was on antibiotic for the infection, but she seems to have an allergic reaction to the antibiotic (itchy, red eyes). I'm giving her GSE in capsules and continuing the GOOT.

                            Tetanus has been one of the "last holdouts" for us as far as vaccinations. We've started questioning it in the past few years. I appreciate all the info, very much!


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