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    Hello Everyone,

    I need your help...

    The Canadian Government has put restrictions on the importation of natural Progesterone creams and has raided the wharehouse of the company that I used to get mine from. Before I go crazy on either a crying or yelling spree I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a bio identical natural progesterone cream I can buy online (you can usually order it for personal use but not to sell in stores). We have drug wars going on in our streets and they are going after progesterone! Progesterone promotes peace and love (not using progesterone creates an unstable hot angry crying woman).

    Please let me know your experiences. I just tracked down a local health food store has an extra strength wild yam Pr cream that is 13%. Is the wild yam good? I lost my last jar of pr cream and can't remember what the percentage or ingredients were. It was a hormone clinic that tested me and recommended the cream and all I knew is that it worked. I didn't think our government was going to treat it like an illegal drug!

    A local compounding pharmacy will make progesterone cream with a prescription but I'm guessing it's the chemical form.

    What do I do?????

    Have a fabulous day!

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    I get mind from

    I think I've heard/read that yam cream is not effective but can't give any references.

    Kim in North Texas


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      I use Emerita. Have you tried yet? I'm sorry this is happening.

      Pamela, Type 3, strong secondary Type 4

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        Bioidentical progesterone cream is made FROM wild yams, but straight wild yam cream does not convert to progesterone in your body, so it's a waste of money. Go for the progesterone cream. (Info per Dr. Christiane Northrup.)

        I have used Emerita, because it was one that Christiane Northrup recommended. It helped me, but then I developed a rash from the base cream it was in. I believe that was a very rare reaction, so I would recommend trying it. It's easy to get, as Pamela has linked.

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          Your compounding pharmacy should tell you if it is bioidentical. I know our compounding pharmacies use only bioidenticals.


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            Here's a good one

            Hi Satara, here's the brand of USP progesterone I've used that I get online from . . . drumroll, please,

            In my signature line, you'll see a $5 off code on your first purchase. Even if it's not your first purchase, it's still a great price at $13.45 US with no tax and minimal to no shipping. They also have the Emerita and other popular brands.

            Best of health to you!

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              I use Progesteral -- made by Dr. John Lee (or his family, since he has passed away). He is the doctor who wrote the book What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause (he has a great book for perimenopause too)
              I like Dr. John Lee's because it has the "right" amount of progesterone (I'm peri-menopausal, tho) and it has a nice non-scent and a satin-y feel.
              I have also used the Hallelujah Acres cream -- it has a wonderful feel to it as well.


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                Thank you so much for your advice.

                I ordered the emerita, it has been shipped but it remains to be seen whether it gets through the border.

                What changes did you notice when you started using it?

                Have a fabulous day!


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                  Hi Satara, I'm wondering who you ordered the Emerita from. I emailed them directly about a year ago, and they could not ship to Canada. I buy it across the line. Your package should go through if it is labeled as something benign like lotion and does not have the words progesterone in the description. There are a few local natural pharmacies that should be able to fill prescriptions for bio-identical hormone creams, but I believe you need to have a prescription from a medical doctor...Feel free to pop me an email if you have any further questions.