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How Much Armour Thyroid Do You Take?

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  • How Much Armour Thyroid Do You Take?

    Okay, I'm having problems with my new doctor--I changed my insurance, and my doctor is brand new. In fact, I think I may have been her very first patient. Anyway, my former doctor (whom I loved) had switched me from the synthetic meds to Armour because he prefers it. However, this new doctor had never heard of Armour Thyroid and feels uncomfortable prescribing it for me. She did relent, and I've been taking it since last November. Recently, I began to suffer from symptoms of hypothyroidism again, which has happened three times since my diagnosis last September. After two recent weeks of severe symptoms that included extreme fatigue, foggy thinking, heart flutters, and wild temperature variations, I realized what the problem was....however, it was late on Friday evening, and my doctor wouldn't be back in the office until Tuesday. So, of course, I upped the medication from 1-1/2 tablets to 2 tablets (2 grains), felt lots better, and then called my doctor on Tuesday to tell her what I had done and why. I also asked her to please call in a prescription for the higher dosage because I would soon run out and need to replace my medication. Well, she blew a gasket over the fact that I had "self-medicated" myself without proper testing first even though a test I took on Saturday indicated that I'm right where I should be after taking the higher dose for more than a week. She refused to increase my dosage and told me to cut back to my original dosage! Yeah, maybe SHE should experience for herself how absolutely awful it can feel to be hypothyroid--no way am I going back to feeling cruddy and doing a poor job at work. I told her that many doctors rely on a patient's symptoms and not always on tests when it comes to managing a thyroid condition. She would have none of I fired her. So, here are my questions: Is taking two grains considered too much? How much do each of you gals take of Armour Thyroid to control your symptoms? Am I still in the conservative range when it comes to dosage? Should I have upped the dose by 1/4 tablet rather than 1/2 tablet? I think part of my doctor's concern is that she thinks I might be overdosing on my medication(since she isn't acquainted with Armour). I have a lot of respect for your opinions, so I'd love to hear what you think. BTW, my TSH was 1.8. Thanks!

    Laura H. (RoseTapper)

    Laura H. (RoseTapper)

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    Hi Rose,

    Good for you for firing your doctor! I'll put up good thoughts and prayers you find a good one who will have some sense and good ears for listening.

    I take 180 mg of Armour a day, which is 3 grains a day.

    Docs are so paranoid when it comes to Armour. And most of them get real weird about patients adjusting their own medication, unless you have made an agreement with them that it is ok. I understand that in principle, they do have a big responsibility, but I do also resent the way they use the "power of the prescription pad" sometimes. It makes me feel childlike and small, to have to beg for things I know I need, to be so dependent on the will of another for something that is vital to my well-being. We forget that people used to die from hypothyroid, before someone came up with the idea of dessicating pig thyroid and using it on humans. Lack of thyroid hormone is incompatible with life. Getting the right amount is the difference between just existing and really living. I wish they all could be hypothyroid for one week, then they would not be so stingy with the medication.

    End of thyroid rant.

    I'm seeking a new doc, just relocated and also lost insurance. Fortunately I have a 3 month supply on the way, the last of my old prescription, which I paid for out of pocket. By the end of that time, I plan to have a new doc and insurance again. But I will tell you, one of my biggest fears in life is not being able to get enough thyroid supplement to be well. I never want to go back there, and it's all in the hands of someone else whose signature on a piece of paper makes all the difference in my life.

    Good luck,


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      Since you need to hire a new doctor, try the "Top Dr's." section to see if there's a doctor near you:

      The doctors on this list are from patient recommendations and have a reputation for treating the symptoms, not test results. Hope you feel better soon.[:X]


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        I agree, your doc is pretty green, and given your situation, I would have done the same thing [] I've been on 90mg which is 1.5 grains I believe. Also, they always increase by .5 grains, so you did the right thing too.

        Have you had your candida levels tested? Hypothyroidism can cause them to go wacko. Now that my yeast levels are down, my doc tested my blood last week. Your thyroid starts working better once the yeast is "gone" (safe levels cuz you never really get rid of it all). My doc was on that top doctor list, but I found her through a friend.

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        Queen of Everything plus 3 boys

        "We are so often caught up in our DESTINATION that we forget to appreciate the JOURNEY, espeically the GOODNESS OF PEOPLE we meet on the way. Apreciation is a wonderful feeling; don\'t overlook it." (Thanks everyone~!)


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          When taking Armour thyroid, my doctor starts people out at 1/2 grain per day, then after two weeks it can be upped another 1/2 grain, then after another two weeks another 1/2 grain, etc. In the book Hypothyroidism: The Unsuspected Illness by Broda Barnes, it tells about doctors who decades ago first prescribed too-high of a dosage and within a week a heart attack would occur. When you quit taking Armour thyroid you are supposed to reduce by 1/2 grain no more frequently than every two weeks. You can find a doctor at Also go to I currently take 3 grains.

          Margaret Ann

          Margaret Ann


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            I fluxuate between 1.5grains and 2 grains per day.

            I'm interested in the candida to google

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              That is a sad state of affairs when a doctor (I don't care how fresh out of Med school) is unacquainted with Armour Thyroid. It's only been around for ages, is very safe (when prescribed properly) and natural. Does the doctor not have the Physician's Desk Reference? How about internet access? Sorry for the rant.

              I am seeing a doctor who never prescribes Armour Thyroid. I lost my regular doctor after she moved so I had to find a new one before I ran out of meds. The only one I could get in with was only in the office on Tuesdays so I was seeing the Nurse practitioner who told me the doctor does not prescribe Armour. I told her outright that if they didn't prescribe it I would leave and find another doc who would. She finally relented but gives me trouble every time I go.

              I take between 3 & 4 grains but my problem has been getting hold of Armour thyroid. For almost the past year I've had difficulty in getting my prescriptions filled, have you all had the same problem? The NP said it's because everyone is going to the synthetic stuff which is BS. The pharmacy tells me it's been recalled but sometimes they have the 2 gr. tabs and I get they get the docs permission to switch the dosage, sometimes they have the 1 grains and I take 3 - 4 per day of those. Does anyone know what's going on?



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                I think you hit the nail on the head. I believe they are trying to manipulate the market. I get mine at Costco. It's cheaper to get it from them than other pharmacies so I don't use my insurance.

                I used to be on 5 grains and they kept lowering my dosage. I'm now on 1 1/2 and I'm freezing all the time and they won't up it. I'm really disgusted. I have a friend whose supposed to have a decent endochrinologist and I'm going to give that one a try. I've had doctors trying to switch me to synthetics ever since I realized it was the synthetics that messed me up and demanded I go back on Armour.

                Laura, Margaret Ann is right, they do up the dosage by 1/2 grain at a time.




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                  My levels were about 3.6 to begin with, so I'm not on near as much as most of y'all. My doc started me at 1/4 grain for a week, then 1/2 grain for a week and then finally to 3/4 grain, which is where I remained. I saw a few noticeable improvements even in the first week. My first test after beginning treatment had my level at 1.7ish.

                  I actually am starting to see a drop myself and am wondering what I need to change. I guess it's time to go in for a tune up.

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                  Carol, displaced Texan teaching my own (4) in AL
                  My T-Tapp blog:


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                    I take 4 grains on MWF and TThSS I take 3 1/2. My Dr says this is as high as I should go.
                    I did have to bargain with him to even take it. I tried his way first - then MY way - which worked by the way.

                    Allison Sisney
                    TnT Northwest Missouri

                    Allison Sisney

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                      Hi Laura--

                      I'm so glad you started this thread and I hope you end up with a "final answer!"[]

                      Taking two grains is not considered too much for some people. It all depends on what's going on with you. For instance, your adrenals may also be a little out of whack. They are very tied into your thyroid function and can produce symptoms similar to hypothyroidism. Also, if there is an issue with your adrenals and you start taking Armour, you might feel a lot better for a while and then all of a sudden, the ugly symptoms come back. You want to be sure that your adrenals are not an issue.

                      The best advice I believe you can get regarding dosage is on this website:

                      Laura, you've been through so much over the years with your celiac and cancer that I would not be surprised AT ALL if your adrenals are a little off.

                      As for your TSH of 1.8....okay.....but Armour dosing isn't completely based on your TSH and I'm pretty sure you already know that. Again, check that website for the best explanation. I've learned so much from it and it has led me to other things that have helped me, too.

                      I just purchased the book by the same name as the website and it arrived yesterday. I can't wait to start digging through it to get even more detailed explanations! (I really don't know WHY I've waited so long to buy the book! I'm sure I would have been ahead in the game if I would have---oh well! LOL)

                      The author of this book is not a physician. She's "just" someone who has lived through the struggle of hypothyroidism and has SO come out on the winning side. Read through the website and you'll see what I mean.

                      I truly believe that we have a real challenge with finding doctors who truly know how to diagnose and treat hypothyroidism and prescribe Armour. I could go on forever just based on my own experience and the many that have shared with me and the many testimonials that I've read. It's a real shame but we can't give up!

                      I started on 1/4 grain (15mg) of Armour in June. My doctor did the regular, "Go for blood work in 6 weeks and then we'll see how you're doing." Well, right there, I knew she wasn't super familiar with dosing Armour. I had read enough about how people that were finally getting help were dosing by symptoms way more than blood work and that they were increasing their dosage much quicker. However, I only asked if she would be willing to dose by my symptoms in 6 weeks more than just by blood work results and she said yes. So, at the time, even though I was a little uneasy with waiting the 6 weeks, I just went with it.

                      Well, now it's way over even the 6 weeks and I haven't gone in to see her yet. I allowed life to get in the way and didn't keep up with what I needed to do for myself. However, I did go in for new blood work last week and am going in to see the doc on Monday. This time I plan on having a much better discussion with her about what I've read and learned about hypothyroidism and Armour. She's very nice and so I'm hoping we can get this thing figured out and I can get back to 100%.

                      I'd much rather find a doctor who doesn't need me to do a lot of reading to help her do her job but I haven't found one yet![}]

                      I've already gone through a few doctors and their unwillingness to prescribe Armour, etc., etc., etc. It really is ridiculous and I know I'm not alone in this---and I'm not giving up!

                      I better stop now![] I could go on for quite a while about this kind of stuff! LOL




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                        Thank you, everyone, for your very knowledgeable and supportive responses! And, Pina, I do intend to go through that site tonight, and I that bet I'll want to purchase the book. Yes, adrenal failure is a possibility with me, and I know hardly anything about it or how to manage it--thanks for the recommendation!

                        It appears that Armour is much misunderstood by many doctors...boy, I hope I can find someone who is willing to prescribe it.

                        Thanks again....and I feel better now knowing that others have had similar experiences as mine.

                        Laura H. (RoseTapper)

                        Laura H. (RoseTapper)


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                          I'm posting this here, too, in case it gets missed by anyone who wants to know this:

                          My mom mentioned a book she's reading called The Thyroid Hormone Breakthrough by Mary J. Shomon and the plant extract/powder MACA and Vitacost has quite a few of those types of products and the benefits of this on the body including fertility, etc....

                          This is a good link and even though it is about using MACA during pregnancy, it has helpful info about how it affects the pituitary gland, which as you know, directly affects the thyroid's functioning. Here it is:


                          This is fascinating info. Our body is so interconnected that we really see how much we have to work towards homeostasis and not treating only the symptoms.

                          Laura, after all you've been through the last thing you need is a twinkie for a doctor. So proud of you! Sending you huge hugs and many thanks for all you mean to me,



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                            I have to stop ordering everything I see on T-Tapp!! However....I did order some Maca root powder--LOL! From reading the info on the Website you provided, as well as the one provided by Pina, I think my pituitary gland might actually be at the heart of the problem. Apparently, surgery can cause it to go out of whack, which then affects the thyroid. My symptoms began only weeks after my mastectomy last year and worsened from then on. I'm hoping that the Maca root might have some effect on this whole situation.

                            I hired a new doctor today, but I can't see him for a few weeks. I did ask his nurse if he prescribes Armour, and she assured me that he does.

                            Laura H. (RoseTapper)

                            Laura H. (RoseTapper)


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                              Yay Laura! I'm glad you found a new doc! I'm hoping you won't have a lapse in medication. [:0]


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