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Coconut Oil is AWESOME for cold sores

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  • Coconut Oil is AWESOME for cold sores

    I had my first cold sore ever last winter after a bout of the flu. I used Abreva on it and the darn thing lasted over 10 days, and my lip was raw for another week afterward. On me, the Abreva makes my lips peel off in layers all around the sore and even where I didn't apply any, thus the rawness.

    I got my second cold sore ever Tuesday. I started the Abreva the minute I felt the tingling. There was nothing visible yet. By Tues evening it was a clear bubble. Wednesday morning it was huge, the whole middle section of my lower lip. I had read coconut oil will kill the virus on contact. Figured it couldn't hurt to try it. So, I had DH pick me up some on his way home Wed. evening. By now the cold sore was huge and burning.

    I put the oil on around 8 pm. and every hour or so until bed. I took homeopathic belladonna for the heat in my lip and also applied ice. Thursday morning, it was half the size it was the night before. I applied coconut oil often all day Thursday. Applied ice and took the belladonna for the heat. It was down to half of what it was in the morning, when I went to bed. This morning it was just a little dot about the size of the original bubble. Of course it is not clear now, but it is shrinking so fast. I can hardly believe it. And no peeling of my lips this time, (since I stopped the abreva and started the oil). There is still a little bit of heat in the actual bump, but it is almost compeltely gone and the rest of my lip is not raw. I am still applying the oil often. I think by tomorow it will gone. I can only imagine how short of a time I would have had it if I had had the oil to begin with. I am prepared for next time now. But hopefully there won't be a next time.


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    Coconut oil for cold sore? If the culprit is a virus, chances are, coconut oil will vaporize it for you. And thatís exactly what it will do to the source of your cold sore.

    Normally appearing on the face, particularly around the mouth, cold sores or fever blisters or herpes labialis is caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV).

    Medical research has identified a number of viruses that are inactivated by medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) plentifully found in coconut oil. And the herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) is one of them.

    You can also try more effective natural cold sore remedies such as aloe vera, tea tree extract and lemon balm to get the quick relief from cold sores.

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    Natural Cold Sore Remedies


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      Yep, CO is pretty amazing! Until I read your post I didn't even think about it but my son has two facial scars from chicken pox earlier this month that keep scabbing. We are putting Co in those babies right away!

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