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Real concerns with 1st Diatomaceous Earth use

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  • Real concerns with 1st Diatomaceous Earth use

    I would love some input here. I had some hesitation to try the D.E. due to some bad detox reactions I've had in the past with azomite (similar mineral rich clay taken internally) which also detoxes metals. Last time around, using azomite, I became toxic from mercury pulled from my existing fillings, to the point of having a totally metallic mouth and health going downhill fast.

    Well, I tried only 1/2 tsp diatomaceous earth in water on an empty stomach first thing in the morning last week. I am still feeling the effects. I am concerned that this is very similar to the mercury issue I had before. I am wondering a few things:

    1. Has anyone with amalgam fillings taken D.E.? If so, did they have negative effects from it?

    2. I know that D.E. chelates methyl-mercury. I was thinking this would just mean the vapors from the fillings would be taken out of the body. But, does anyone know if this means that it will actually pull the mercury from the fillings themselves?

    3. Does anyone know of anything that can be used to detox while silver fillings are STILL IN the mouth? I have read NOT to do cilantro or the other detoxing methods until AFTER they are removed. Removal is a scary thing for me to think about, knowing how strongly I react to mercury. Any comments? I know there are protocols about there for removal and chelation afterwards. It is a sobering thing to consider, I think.

    I have had psychological and physical effects from whatever detoxing took place from the small amount of D.E. taken only once. It has been almost a week, and the fatigue is still there, though maybe lessening some now. I did start taking some MSM powder, as this is what was recommended last time I became toxic from the azomite detox I did.

    I am also curious what types of detox effects people have had, if they suspect they were cleansing from parasites. I did some abnormal stools, but I do not know if that was related to the detox in general or possible parasite cleansing. I also experienced much more frequent b.m's, as I know is common, from what I've read. The fatigue was overwhelming for the past week, with night sweats, emotional lows, etc. I'm curious if others experienced this.

    Thanks for any insight.


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    I had the silver fillings when I started DE. I was not aware of any specific metal detox reaction.

    I took around 3 days of 1-2 teaspoon of DE to start the detox, it was just the fatigue like jet-lag after an international trip. I might have one or two pimples (that was the same as when I first started T-Tapp). So, those are all my detox symptoms. Oh, one more, 7-10 days into it, your urine will be smelly until the kidney is clean up. Yes, drink more water is a must.

    If you have strong detox, then back off, and back down. Only 1/2 tsp got you that much detox, you have a lot of toxic build up? Maybe next time you try 1/8 or 1/4 tsp.

    Are you taking any medication? It should be far away from the DE time (at least 2 hours). If you take meds or supplements for your hormone or adrenal in the morning, maybe you want to take DE before bed. You have seen the dosing recommendation on the DE thread, right?

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      Linda, I had basically the same detox symptoms Ayj had. Some pretty serious fatigue, but only for 2 or 3 days that I remember... some skin eruptions and seriously dark and smelly eliminations. (My ds even asked me if there was something wrong with him... said his body was acting like it was dehydrated but he was drinking more water than ever - I reminded him he started dirt and to expect it...) None of my detox symptoms lasted long though and I don't think I've had any problems with my fillings...

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        I started back on DE about 10 days ago and had one pimple and some fatigue, but that could have just been from going from working outside to home for the last 6 weeks to back to my normal way of life as a homeschooling mom/homemaker. Smelly poops...yes, but that is why I started get my system back to normal. And my hair had started to fall out again and my nails/cutucles where a mess. Everything getting better now! I have some filings but not sure how many are amalgam. I know that over the years some of my first filings have been replaced. Never had any adverse reactions that I know of. I think, Linda, you might just be very sensitive.


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          Have you ever tried something gentler like Zeolite instead? I like it as I can safely use it in pregnancy and while nursing.

          This is a good link to consider since you are very sensitive and have some serious toxicity issues:

          I hope this helps.

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            I've had my amalgam fillings removed and done the appropriate chelation therapy to go along with it. I didn't really have significant detox SYMPTOMS from that, but then I'd previously removed my sensitivity to mercury through allergy elimination techniques like NAET. My bio-energetic doc specializes in chelation therapy and it's been a couple years, but I'm pretty sure he had me start the oral chelation (CheloRx) prior to the actual filling removal. Then, I went back to him the next day for the IV chelation and ionizing foot bath detox protocol, then again in a couple weeks, and then I was done. Feel free to PM or e-mail me if you'd like more info.

            I haven't had any detox from the DE, but then I don't think I had much to detox by that point. My body seems to mostly want the silica from it.

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