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  • PCOS and DIM?

    I'm wondering if anyone here has luck taking DIM and relieving any PCOS symptoms? I do have PCOS but lately I'm having issues with my bust constantly feeling engorged (the last three cycles or so). I did NOT need any help in this area and am very frustrated.
    I seriously want a reduction(36 G) but am truly terrified they would grow back!

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    I took it before I had my hysterectomy and when I was teetering on PCOS levels and it was bad for MY body.
    it started making my feet hurt! I would get up to walk and felt like an old woman! soooo painful! I finally narrowed it down to that and when I stopped the pain went away and I slowly was adding supplements back in and bam, it started again with the DIM
    I know it sounds so weird but that is just my experience. If you try it I would suggest not starting any other things at that same time so you can see if it is doing anything for you
    I can't even remember what other things I was taking at the time but the DIM was the culprit



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      Do a search on this forum for DIM. There have been at least 2 threads in the last few years, with people reporting good benefits. It DOES matter which one you use. The Nature's Way DIM Plus is excellent.

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