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Is alfalfa a phytoestrogen?

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    Thanks for the correction about the legume being a food. I should know as I am a vegetarian .

    Also I must admit that I don't really know why the Alfalfa from BBB is categorized under "food" - I am learning from other posts on this forum that each tablet has about 500mg of Alfalfa in it ...and that one would need to eat lots of alfalfa(I don't remember how much was mentioned) to nearly equal that - as if it is "concentrated" doesn't it actually make it a supplement? GM foods don't come in concentrated form...right?

    Well, update on my experiment with Alfalfa:
    Before ALfalfa:
    I always have had regular periods although much lighter than what I used to have before my kids came (Am 5'1", 125 lbs, 39 years and have 3 kids 7,5,3 yrs, all normal delivery). I attributed it to the calcium(Citrcal) and cod liver oil pills I was taking, which I discovered in combination helped my BAD BAD PMS tremendously! I have sailed though my 5 days, worked out and have had great energy and mood after calcium + cod liver!

    After Alfalfa for about 2 weeks or less:
    I am 2-3 lbs heavier, my periods was early this time and my tummy is really realy bloated and hurts a lot... but no cramps. I also see more small clots in the blood than before I started on alfalfa.
    I suspect that Alfalfa has increased my estrogen activity which is causing all this although one other change is I have stopped cod liver pills + calcium as I ran out of these.

    I almost feel like I should give up alfalfa right now, what with all the research pointing to it having estrogenic activity, ...And then I read its many benefits...sigh!

    Until next time.

    "The journey is the only thing" - Dan Millman




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      You might try calling the gals in the office and talking with them about your problem. I had similar experience with weight gain and bloat when I took alfalfa on 4 different occasions. Lauren thought the weight gain could have come from muscle built since alfalfa is a plant protein. There is also the possibility that you're allergic to it, and that would be the bloating. As I said, I tried to take it 4 different times for 30 days each over the last two years. Just the past 3 months I've finally been able to take 6-9per day and really notice the benefits! I think I was having a tough time at first digesting them and it was causing gas (bloat) but now something clicked with my body.

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        I agree with calling the office.
        I myself had to work up to taking the full dose. I took one a day for a while and worked up from there. I am glad I did! Teresa's alfalfa is great!

        Allison Sisney
        TnT Northwest Missouri

        Allison Sisney

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          Thanks Michelle for bringing this thread to my attention.

          First of all, I still stand by my earlier post in stating that Alfalfa is not a phytoestrogen. Does it help your body regulate estrogen levels within your body? Yes. As I've stated before, Alfalfa supports pituitary function, of which helps regulate estrogen levels within the body (ie: increase or decrease as needed to help improve hormonal balance) This has long been documented in various studies.

          Second, Premium Blend Alfalfa capsules are for supplemental purpose, but in addition to them containing high levels of mineral and vitamins, they are considered a good source of plant protein (therefore they have the ability to support cellular repair, muscle development, and reduce fluid retention) Thus my reference to Alfalfa being a "food" supplement; Alfalfa is not an herb. Furthermore, the protein content in each Premium Blend Alfalfa capsule ranges from 21 - 27% (compared to average Alfalfa supplements being in range of 11 - 19%)

          Yatri, my question to you is how long have you been doing T-Tapp and which workout or workouts have you been doing? I'm guessing that you are relatively a new tapper since you have less than 10 postings. FYI, it has been documented that the T-Tapp workout alone can cause cycle variations for the first few months. I agree with you, however and have recommended Calcium supplementation for years because of its positive effect/support on female cycles and sleep patterns. (Although I prefer a higher ratio of magnesium to calcium aws formulated in CountryLife's Nerve and Osteo Support tablets.)

          In reference to your comment, "No ones knowledge is perfect as there is not such thing as perfect knowledge. And we should all be humble enough to accept that all our knowledge is borrowed.", I TOTALLY AGREE. I've been a big advocate and believer in Alfalfa due to "knowledge borrowed" while working with some profound holistic researchers in Europe during the early to mid 1980's. They opened my eyes to tons of research done on Alfalfa all over the world (including America). From cellular alkalinity, edema, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer abilities, to cellular reconstruction for faster healing and/or anti-aging - Alfalfa, in my opinion, is the perfect food supplement with very little, if no side effects. Obviously there will be those who have legume allergies that may not be able to take it. As a third generation O blood type (ie: both my parents and both sets of my grandparents have O+ blood), I swear by the Premium Blend Alfalfa that I am able to get. If I don't take it, my back and finger joints hurt. It really helps those with arthritic conditions and/or those in need of pain management. And now that it is well known that all anti-inflammation drugs have have major side effects, Alfalfa has been a God send for those who suffer!

          Am I telling you to take it? No. Is it necessary for those wanting to improve skin elasticity and cellulite control? No... body brushing done in CRT pattern in combination with T-Tapp exercises greatly improve both situations with most people achieving visible results within 6 weeks. Taking the supplements that come with the CRT system just make it happen quicker. After working in Europe for over 18 years in an industry that demands body perfection (fashion/print industry)I definitely learned a lot and was able to tweak my T-Tapp and CRT body program to deliver results and deliver them quickly. So there's no need for you to take Alfalfa if you don't want to.

          In fact, since you're having adverse reactions, I suggest you stop taking Alfalfa and just concentrate on maximizing muscle movement with T-Tapp techniques during daily activity in addition to doing the T-Tapp Total workout. There's no need to take something your body doesn't agree with. In my opinion, movement matters the most. I'm just thankful that Afalfa works so well for me and for the majority of people (men and women) I've recommended it to....AND I'm very grateful that I am even able to purchase the Premium Blend Alfalfa.


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            Dear Teresa,

            Thank You for taking the time out to address my concerns.

            Momentarily digressing from the issue here(Please bear with me):
            I am 5' 1", petite and used to be at 110 lbs before kids(my ideal weight then), and never had any issues with weight fluctuations. My cycles had always been regular, and I did not have any health concerns for 29 years of my life. In short, I *should have* felt thankful and counted my blessings. There is that saying - "You never know what you have until you lose it". SO despite all my blessings, I was also a little insecure and I considered myself "thin"(I had allowed strong cultural influences to affect me) and let the thought that I needed to put on more weight to be attractive take root. I had no idea at that time about increasing my muscle mass by working out with weights. So right after getting married( a time when my insecurities increased during the first year) I decided to experiment with Soy extracts sold at that time by a company "Estroven". The results of taking SOy from Estroven initially helped my body change to my desired "image" of having fuller curves. But after about 3-4 months of regular intake of Soy extracts, I started to feel my cysts in my breasts increase in size and get more painful, my abdomen started to feel bloated and heavier, and I felt lethargic and to the point could not "feel" my body anymore. The RN from my gynec office felt my thyroids had enlarged and my Gynec was MAD really mad at me! She explained to me the different types of hormones and the delicate balance that existed between them. She said Soy extracts had changed my estrogen levels to a point where the "balance" had been disturbed. She ordered me to discontinue my Soy supplements. Also coffee which was another culprit in increasing my cysts size in my breasts.

            SO it took me a whole year for my cycle to get back to normal, and my body to balance itself out! Also during that one year it took my body to balance itself out I could not conceive despite the fact that my husband and I were trying regularly what with me monitoring my ovulation timings with a Basal thermometer and all! So I noted my fertility had decreased due to hormonal imbalance imparted by the Soy extracts!

            SO that was my lesson to avoid all phytoestrogen "extracts" which I feel is very unnatural for a body which already has that perfect hormonal balance. Maybe it helps pre-menopausal or menopausal women, I don't know, but it was not for me. Now I have the word extracts in quotes because being a vegetarian and for one who eat a lot of legumes, nuts, seeds and greens I do know that there is phyoestrogenic activity in almost all of these foods.

            But they are not "concentrated". Hence the body does not adversely react to the small inputs, and maybe it even adapts to it in a gradual way.

            SO this was also MY lesson on understanding that my knowledge is imperfect and borrowed. The more I try to acquire knowledge about anything I realize how much there is to know and how little I do! It was a very important lesson in my life as I used to disperse unwanted advice about health and nutrition to whoever crossed my path. Okay I do admit I still do it a`wee bit especially about trying out T-Tapp .

            SO Teresa if I mentioned the line about imperfect/borrowed knowledge then I was actually referring it to myself, but it came out as though I may have pointedly said that to you! I am SO SORRY! The reason for my whole Soy story is to let you know I did not intend that line for you.

            I have tremendous respect for you as a teacher par excellence, and for being one who is living the Real Purpose of Life - Service to Others!
            Your humility and humanity is but an indication of the "real success" you have achieved - a balance of the material and the spiritual wings of life. My hats off to you for every thing you are and for being a role model for so many of us!

            And about my workout - I have been doing the Instructional part 1 of Total workout 2 - 3 times a week sometimes 4 times, and been doing it only for the past 2 months



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              Hi Yatri,

              Oh my, in no way did I take offense from your quote!

              I also want you to know that I TOTALLY agree with your viewpoint about not supplementing with Soy or consuming a lot Soy foods! I've known many women who have created havoc with their hormonal balance consuming and/or supplementing with Soy, many because they believed that "if somethings good, more is better!"

              Yes, Soy is a phyto-estrogen. And I learned many years ago that coffee is a phyto-estrogen.

              I'm happy to hear that you're doing well with your T-Tapp workouts. By the way, I happen to like the Bar Method workout. In fact, I even know the creator behind that workout (he almost became my publicist in 1999 and fyi, he produced the DVD that comes with my book, Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes) Small world isn't it? Most important, the best thing with T-Tapp is understanding how to maximize muscle activation during daily activity and/or during any other workout. It's all about understanding how to move your body to help it help itself look and feel better. It's an amazing machine but we must move it to make it happen!

              Best wishes to you and lots of love,

              Teresa Tapp

              ps - You really made my day in letting me know how you can be a kid with your kids again and feel good about yourself with better self image. That's what drives me to keep on keeping on. We all deserve to be happy with oneself and live life to the fullest.


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                quote:Originally posted by teresatapp

                ...I TOTALLY agree with your viewpoint about not supplementing with Soy or consuming a lot Soy foods! I've known many women who have created havoc with their hormonal balance consuming and/or supplementing with Soy, many because they believed that "if somethings good, more is better!" ...Yes, Soy is a phyto-estrogen. And I learned many years ago that coffee is a phyto-estrogen.
                I just had to jump into this thread and agree: soy can create havoc with your cycle - well, at least mine. I was on soy protein isolate vitamin shakes (I won't mention the company's name so as not to offend anyone who might use the brand) for 2 years to help me with chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia-like symptoms I have experienced after an unconfirmed West Nile infection three years ago. Though they greatly helped my energy levels and fatigue, they wreaked havoc on my cycle. I had very heavy, painful periods that lasted 7-8 days and terrible PMS (bloating, mood swings, etc). This was a change for me because I used to have light, easy cycles with minimal PMS, even skippin sometimes. To top it off, I found the shakes to be very addictive and difficult to discontinue, which I tried doing a couple of times.

                Because of the cost and my growing concerns about consuming soy, I quit cold turkey two months ago. My next period was lighter, PMS was easier. Now, I'm back to skipping. I don't like that at all, but I would much rather deal with that than the other. I've just resumed T-Tapp workouts, so I'm hopeful this will help my hormones and even out my cycles.

                Sorry to hijack, just wanted to chime in with my own experience with soy.

                Ciao, dahling!

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                  I'm pretty sure I have been having problems with the Alfalfa and/or Fibertox. I may be allergic because my face will itch and become really red especially right around my eyes. I also experienced some cramping and heavier clotting with my period. I'm wondering what I should do. Does working up to it by taking a lower dose work or am I just out of luck? My friend has no such side effects and I'm bummed that this is happening to me.


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                    I also have a question which may sound silly but here goes: I'm postmenopausal. With all this talk of alfalfa affecting cycles etc is it OK for me to take it? I don't want to reawake anything! [8)][:I] (I was looking for the diuretic effect).

                    I *just* ordered it and haven't received it yet so have no unusual personal experience to judge from.

                    Thanks for any thoughts!

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                      The Premium Blend Alfalfa is great for postmenopausal balance. I'm officially post menopause (woo hoo!) and I'm back to only taking 6 - 9 capsules per day (and 6 more often than 9!)

                      Best wishes,

                      Teresa Tapp


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                        Hi, I know this is an old thread, but I am still a bit confused myself. I literally searched dozens of webpages and they all describe Alfalfa as a phytoestogrenic. I don't understand how the conflicting information. How is PBA not? I'm estrogen dominant and just want to make sure I'm not aggravating my condition.


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                          I am a virgin poster but have purchased many T-tapp products over the years. I feel that the question originally posted in this thread was a fair one and tried to be respectful in how I asked the follow up question. It seems that Alfalfa does contain phytoestrogens, but because of its other properties, it wouldn't neccesarily cause one to produce excess estrogen. Is this true or not? To be told that it is not a phyto-estrogen, but then find dozens of websites that says that the Alfalfa leaf does contain phytoestrogens, is unsettling to say the least.


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                            Hi T-Tappers,

                            Since I was the last poster here and this thread comes up a lot in "alfalfa phytoestrogen" forum searches, I wanted to communicate that currently, I am a regular user of PBA. I went off of it for awhile, because I was so confused with all of the conflicting information on the internet and I was really afraid that I could cause my body harm, but when I started getting continuous breakouts around my chin no matter great my skin regime was and painful periods, I decided to try it again. I thought, "I'll just try one bottle again and really pay attention to how my body reacts". Well, I stopped breaking out and the acne I had went away. My period is every 28 days almost to the hour and I don't get period headaches anymore. People actually compliment me on my skin because even the tone and texture has improved. All I can say is, if you are in doubt, try a 1 month experiment and see how it works for you.

                            Good luck!


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                              Thanks for the update, Deneen!

                              I am estrogen dominant, too, and have noticed nothing but good since taking Teresa's alfalfa. I would like to get retested to see where I'm at but I'd $$ is an issue right now. I'm feeling way more balanced than ever (at 49!) so if I go by that, I think I'm doing fine!

                              Glad it's working for you!

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                                Alfalfla is an adaptogen, It is a smart herb that will upregulate and downregulate.

                                It mean It will adjust to What Your body need.

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