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What does the alfalfa do exactly??

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  • What does the alfalfa do exactly??

    Hi everyone,

    I have Teresa's alfalfa and I've seen people say they swear by it on some of the boards, but what, exactly, does it do?? I've started to take it on faith.. is it a diuretic??



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    Never mind.... I was being lazy--just did a search and found a bunch of great stuff on alfalfa.


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      This is a great post from Teresa:

      Yes, although Alfalfa offers a multitude of health benefits, there ARE differences in the quality of plant, as well as quality of processing.

      Rest assured there are NO seeds or sprouts in the Premium Blend Alfalfa. Each capsule is 500 mg of pure, pharmaceutical grade quality processed alfalfa. The quality of this particular alfalfa has even been used by patients with lupus! Of course, if you have lupus always check with your primary care physician as to whether or not they think you should take this supplement.

      Regarding dosage....that all depends of individual factors. For menopausal or PMS symptom relief (estrogen balance) I suggest anywhere from 9-12 per day. For anti-inflammatory relief I suggest anywhere from 12 - 24 per day depending on level of inflammation and whether or not it is exercise induced or pharmaceutical drug induced. For tighter skin/collagen anywhere from 6 - 9 depending on age, skin elasticity, amount of inches lost, etc. For cellulite control and elimination of edema 6 is usually good. To stimulate hair and fingernail growth - 6 per day. For general aches and pains from arthritis - 12 per day.

      Of course all of these are estimates...other factors to consider are how much you weigh, how much of your body mass is fat, age, gender, etc.

      But I can assure you that this nutritionally dense natural supplement has been studied for years as an effective anti-inflammatory, anti-cancerous, alkaline producing phyto-protein that literally "helps the body help itself".

      It can be taken with or without food. I do not have any problems taking it on an empty stomach.

      Since I have back issues, all I know is that when I don't take my daily dosage of Premium Blend Alfalfa, I HURT. And I do not know of ANYTHING that works so well in balancing female hormones.

      Good luck!




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        Thanks Tina--

        who would have thought?? I can attest to the fact that it helps eliminate water retention--yee haw!!! Haven't been taking it long enough for the other stuff. I have to admit I don't like taking pills and especially the aftereffects if they come back on you (i.e., when ya burp!) But these don't give me problems. In fact, they bring to mind a field of new mown hay on a warm summer day. Like a mini mind vacation! Okay, I'm in a weird mood this morning, could it be the falf???


        Have a GREAT Friday!!!!