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  • bolthouse farm drinks - organic

    i just started drinking these bolthouse farm drinks, they are in the organic section at the grocery. My question is they are kind of high it seems in sugar, they have like 25-30 grams of sugar per serving which is 8oz. and then around 30 grams of carbs per serving. It has all natural ingredients but I was just wondering about all that sugar since it was from fruits and veg. is these ok to drink while trying to loose some weight - oh by the way they are sooo good!!

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    Fruits, especially, are high in sugar. You can look up the calorie/sugar content of fruits and vegetables online.

    I won't offer an opinion on whether or not they should be drank while trying to lose weight.



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      My niece is a rep for BoltHouse Farms here in the St. Louis area.

      They are good. I would drink them in moderation because they do have a high sugar content, even though they are natural. They are by far a better choice than most commercial juices and of course pop.


      Kelli Cline (MO)
      Certified DayBreak Personal Care Therapist


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        I am lucky enoough to live in the town that grows half the fruit and veggies and produces the Bolthouse drinks! YUMMMMMMY is all I can say.
        I love all of their drinks, especially the carrot juice, but thier smoothies are top on my list too!
        We buy them at Costco also, a bit cheaper...