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Teresa's God made vs man made carbs

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  • Teresa's God made vs man made carbs

    This is from Teresa's news letter. I encourage anyone who has any recipes to post them here. There are just a lot of posts on the subject and it gets hard to find the information. If anyone has a list of god made carbs, besides what is here, please post. Thanks.
    With the T-Tapp System, I usually classify carbohydrates into two different categories: Man-made carbs (not so good) and carbs created by God (good). When I advise people who are trying lose a clothing size or more to control their carbohydrate intake (don't eliminate them) - I am speaking about "man-made carbs". For those who are not familiar with this program, let me explain.
    Have man-made carbs on Monday - then on Tuesday and Wednesday eliminate them. Instead consume soups, salads, meat and vegetables. On Thursday allow man-made carbs into your food plan but omit them on Friday and Saturday. Keep repeating this plan with two days "off" inbetween each "man-made" carb day. It you are trying to lose more than 2 clothing sizes, then adjust this type of consumption to three days off for the first month. After four weeks, then reduce the "man-made" day off by one. Ultimately you will be able to have "man-made" carbs every other day (without guilt) and your body will not convert/store them as fat! So when special events come (ie: vacation, holiday treats, etc) you can consume those "forbidden carbs" every day for up to four days without disaster! Just return to the original 2 days off/1 day "man-made" for a week or two. Then get back to every other day. You never have to deprive yourself again!
    Here are some examples of "man-made" carbohydrates: bread, bagels, pasta, crackers, pretzels, cookies, candies, and most breakfast cereals. All of those processed "energy bars" and granola bars come within the man-made classification as well. Check those "diet meals" too - if 50% or more of the total calories come from carbs, then classify the meal as a man-made carb.
    Samples of carbohydrates created by God are vegetables, fruit, oatmeal (whole oat - not the instant stuff), brown/wild rice, and spelt. The exception to this is corn and white potatoes. Think about it-how do you fatten a cow quickly? With corn! The same happens with people, so until you reach your weight maintenance goal, consume corn and/or white potatoes on "man-made" carbohydrate days. Be careful with fruit - over consumption can be converted to fat. I like to refer to fruit as being God's "candy". Always consume atleast two colors of vegetables every day for optimal function of your body to achieve weight management. In fact, I consume one to two fruits a day only after I consume two colors of vegetables.
    Controlled carbohydrate consumption combined with the T-Tapp workout will give you even faster results because your body will utilize its glucose reserves even when not working out. (ie: Kreb cycle @ resting rate). The T-Tapp workout quickly rebuilds the primary body functions that process carbohydrates - such as the kreb cycle and citric acid cycle. I designed the workout to quickly rebuild metabolic rate and internal muscle density - (primarily the spinal insertions) as well as rebuild the lymphatic system for optimal elimination. The T-Tapp Workout does a lot more that just burn fat and calories!
    We all need carbohydrates for energy - they are not "bad" for us. In fact, research at John Hopkins confirms that women need to consume at least 55% carbohydrates to maintain proper bone density. We just need to consume more of the "god-made" carbohydrates and increase our internal muscle mass (via the T-Tapp Workout) so that we have better utilization and less conversion to fat. And for those who are interested, the T-Tapp Workout promotes bone density because it is "weight bearing" even though it doesn't use weights!!

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