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Exercises for long Plane trips?

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  • Exercises for long Plane trips?

    Hi Folks -

    On Monday I'm heading across the pond to visit relatives, and was wondering what TTapp moves I could do in my seat (when I'm not running my 4 1/2 yo up and down the aisles). I'm a naturally twitchy person, and two hours in to any flight and I feel like I'm losing my mind. Everything gets sore, and the boredom - gah! If only I could sleep on the plane, life would be so much better...

    But, I'm looking at about oh, 9 -10 hours total flight time. What can I do to keep blood flowing, avoid DVT, etc?

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    DVT? Try taking some pycnogenol or taking some cayenne before flying.

    I do variations of AL or V sits, especially the point for 2 and flat for 2 and the rolling of the ankles. Yes, ribs up while sitting. If there is enough space, do some HD...
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      AYJ has great suggestions. I'd add that you drink plenty of water.. helps keep blood thinned along with maintaining good hydration overall. I would suggest you check with your Dr. for preventing Deep Vein Thrombosis b/c he's aware of any other health issues you "may" have that we don't know, so you can be sure you're doing everything that's appropriate for YOU. Have a great and safe flight with lots of fun at your destination. Blessings!!
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        Teresa talked about this a year ago when I heard her in Chicago. You can jazz your toes, lift and lower your big toe. That will help pump lymph up your legs. Also, you can pull on the kneecaps, and arch your body forward as if pulling the chest through, then curl the spine the other way. Inhale on the curl, exhale on the pull through. Jazz toes and raise big toe for extra activation.

        HTH! Enjoy you trip!
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          My OB/GYN advises one baby aspirin before every flight. On the newer planes there are handicapped lavatories that are big enough for PBS and HDs. I stand up in the aisles and do the arm pumps head rolls/tilts/turns. And, I always get aisle seats so that I can move around. Have a great trip!
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