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  • Cystocele and TTapp

    Hello there! About a month ago I posted asking for help concerning a uterine prolapse and had some helpful remarks. Well, after visiting our local clinic, I was told that I DIDN'T have that, but had a cystocele, or bladder prolapse instead. I this as a follow-up to my original post, but haven't gotten any responses to my questions, so I thought I'd try again and see if anyone could give me some direction. Here is a copy of what I most recently posted:

    Just a quick update... A trip to our local clinic let me know that I don't have a uterine prolapse, but I DO have a cystocele - or bladder prolapse. The PA who examined me was not able to tell me to what degree I have it, but it is definitely there. I have been doing OIP pretty regularly, along with the Hab-it DVD, and I think I'm getting good results. I would like to add more exercise in, but am a little concerned about doing too much and exacerbating the problem. My question is this: which T-Tapp exercises would be the best to add, besides OIP/HF? I have Total Workout, BWO+, Barefoot BWO, BWO Tempo (forgive me if I don't have these names exactly right!), HTF (which I think is a no-no, as we shouldn't do crunches with a prolapse - too much downward pressure), and Ladybug. I also have the MORE DVD.

    I would really appreciate a trainer's advice, or advice from anyone else with experience with a prolapse.

    Thanks so much!


    P.S. Is there anyway to create a new log-in name? NuGramma doesn't quite fit anymore ~ we're expecting our 10th grandbaby next winter! : )

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    From personal experience, Jan, every time I'm in the T-Tapp Stance, I tighten everything down there (remember Kegels) and it has strengthened that whole area. Tuck butt and pull the belly button to the spine hard and keep it there in the movements. As long as you aren't bearing down, I don't believe T-Tapp will worsen the cystocele. T-Tapp has also helped with my rectocele.



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      Hi Pat~ Thanks for your reply. What is confusing to me is this: the two books that I've read by women physical therapists seem to indicate that the tucked position is one of the worst for anyone with a prolapse because it shifts the organs away from the support of the pubic bone, and that pulling the abs in can actually cause downward pressure on the pelvic floor if done incorrectly. We need to be concentrating on the TA muscles which cinch us in, instead of the strong outer muscles which produce that unfortunate pressure. But maybe by doing OIP/HF after TWO or BWO+ it would help. I've just come so far in fixing my cystocele that I don't want to go backwards by doing something I shouldn't. I DO appreciate you sharing your personal experience... that's encouraging!


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        Jan, I don't have any experience personally with this, but OIP/HFs done correctly should strengthen the TA muscles. It might be helpful to use a handtowel rolled lengthwise and placed at or just below the tailbone to help you "curl your core" better against the floor for HFs. Here are Michelle's great tips for curling the core:


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          great tips for curling the core...thanks!