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"fat" lats???

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  • "fat" lats???

    Hi folks!

    I've been doing MORE and SATI for almost 2 mos and I can't seem to ever get my arms fully down while keeping my elbows straight because of what I'll call "lat fat" My arms will only go down a little bit below the halfway mark then my lat fat stops my arms. It's really very frustrating!!!

    My upper arms are bigger than they should be from improper weight/strength training so that's part of it too, and they need to slim down. But what moves can I do to trim off the fat pouches at the lat areas so my arms can get the full extension?



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    I kind of have the same issues! My lat fat doesn't hinder my arm movement but it does blob over my bra. My arms are also bigger because of weight training. I was looking for pretty definition but what I got was bulky with no definition. What the heck! Now I'm wondering if wrong weight training made my lats fat. I'm anxiously waiting to see the response you get.


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      Sorry to hear that but at the same time - glad we're not alone with this problem!! My DH was trying to make me feel better by saying I was supposed to have that triangle shape and said 'Nuh Uh!!! Watch! I can't even bring my arms down to my sides without bending my elbows!" He just shook his head.

      Now if I could get those blobs to shift around to the front, then maybe I could give myself boobs that I can SEE.

      I'm hoping maybe all the stretching, like with the Reach Scoops, and lat pulls that eventually it'll all burn away, as well as making my upper arms leaner, and I'll feel normal again, because this is really annoying.

      I'll keep ya posted!