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  • Primary Back Stretch

    I recently purchased Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes. I am trying to learn to do the Primary Back Stretch, but find it way too difficult to follow the instructions in the book and still actually do the exercise, especially since it has so many steps. I thought that the DVD accompanying the book would explain how to do all the exercises but find that it concentrates on the Hoe Downs and Abdominal work only. Am I the only person who has difficulty following this initial exercise, or am I making things unduly difficult for myself? I am really excited about the prospect of this programme working. Any advice would be appreciated.


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    Hi Maccy,
    For most, it is much easier to learn from the Basic Plus, Total Workout or MORE DVD. If you wish you can use your 30% off coupon in the book toward purchase of a workout.
    The DVD included with the book truly is the secret to a flat stomach and complements the others.
    However if you prefer to learn from the book
    there is a post about learning from the book by senior trainer, Annette Kunde. You can do a search with her name and "book".
    Also, if there is a trainer near you, you can try a class, workshop or personal training if you wish.
    Hope this helps,

    Carol Heinrich
    T-Tapp Trainer-NW IL
    Total,MORE,Floor & Yes, You Can Certified
    ACE Certified Personal Trainer

    Carol Heinrich
    Senior T-Tapp Trainer
    ACE Certified Personal Trainer
    Joyful Heart Health and Fitness, Lena, IL


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      Hi Maccy,

      So glad that you have come here to ask you question! Here are some threads on learning the workout form the book:

      This is another wonderful thread that has many pertinent topics contained in it and is updated frequently

      PBS is the first movement on most of our instructional (and Int/adv) workouts, it is also found on the POP (Point of Perfection) video

      There is also the link to Try before you buy which can help you learn some more of the movements found in the book or go to and search T-Tapp you will find some additional movements there.

      Please let us know if we can help you any further!

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        Thank you Carol and Michelle

        I am from Scotland, and I think the T-Tapp phenomenon is rather new here, I don't know therefore if we have any trainers in this country. Will look at the DVD and links suggested. Many thanks. I really want to try this, but just thought trying to follow the information was a bit too much.



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          Thanks from me, too! I have the same problem ... I am from Germany and own the book and a couple of DVDs. Even if I joined the wonderful retreat in October, I am still not a very good T-Tapper and it takes forever until I have done just the BWO. There's just one trainer in Germany (and Europe), but she is very busy and 400 km from here.
          Hope one day a trainer will come to Germany and correct my form *hinthint*
          Have a great day!
          Best wishes, Andrea

          Best regards from Germany,



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