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Humidity in Chicago.

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  • Humidity in Chicago.

    I just noticed something wonderful. This summer ,( since I have really recommited to T-Tapp)I have not been very bothered by the heat and humidity in chicago. Everybody else is whiped out and I feel pretty good. No moodyness or feeling weak. The more I exercise and sweat the better i feel. And my period this time around was dramatically less severe as far as moodiness and drama...nearly as if everything was as normal. I must say that it seems to off-set my entire hormone increase or at least lessen the severity of it. I am extatic truly! I think I even tolerate the heat better than my man who looooves humidity.( go figure) I lost 5 inches by the way since this time June ( last month) I meassured this morning. Just wanted to share.
    Keep up the good work, Ladies.

    Kat Creedon,
    Senior T-tapp trainer in Chicago
    ACE certified
    Licensed physical therapist
    Preferred Provider Blue Cross Blue Shield