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  • Pilates and T-Tapp

    I was recommending T-Tapp to a friend and wondered how you would answer her question.

    "Isn't it just like Pilates?"

    I did one Pilates tape years ago and was unimpressed but I haven't done enough T-Tapp to give the answer...can you?

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    I don't know the answer, but had a friend make a similar comment when I showed her some of the T-tapp moves.

    So I'm interested in hearing an expert's opinion, so I can pass it along. I've been try to recruit her as a tapper.




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      I have never done Pilates so I can not answer your question. A great person to write to would be Lani as she has or still? teaches Pilates. Lani is the head T-tapp trainer and you can find her e-mail address uner the T-tapp Team link up above.

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        I'm sure Lani can answer this question better than I can, but I'll give it a shot!

        There are similarities to yoga, pilates, tai chi and dance principles. They all strengthen the mind body connection and build long lean muscles, but t-tapp is very comprehensive and I believe it is because it combines all of the elements that have made the above mentioned exercises successful.

        Both t-tapp and Pilates have a "stance" that is usesd throughout... in Pilates you do turn your femur out from the hip socket, but you also trun out your feet from the heel and point the toes. Think of how you stand with your feet forward and apart in t-tapp and what that does as you turn out the femur and push out to KLT. You've activated the muscles around the knees, so it helps you eliminate the fat around the knee. Pilates focuses on the core (or Powerhouse) but doesn't teach you the importance of lat engagement for better linear alignment helping you to burn more fat. I should stop here, because I may be a bit off base, but I used to do Pilates before I found t-tapp, and while I like it and agree with the principles and saw some definition, I never found the results that I have from t-tapp (and it happened rather quickly too). When I do Pilates now, I find I get more out of it by applying what I've learned here.

        Hopefully Someone else will chime in too.

        Trainer in Training, MA

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          Hi Everyone,

          I just answered an email with this same question so perhaps it is response to the same person...? I've just got a minute but to answer briefly, I'll post what I wrote in my email.

          There are some similarities between the two - the emphasis on core development and alignment come to mind first. I was certified to teach Pilates via the Physicalmind Institute in New Mexico prior to learning T-tapp and had decided to specialize in instruction of same. That was in 1997. Then I came across T-tapp and now guess what I specialize in?

          T-Tapp is more comprehensive, so you get more out of your time investment. Pilates is wonderful exercise and if you do T-Tapp, your Pilates is way better because of the way you can apply technique. We've got the cream of the crop right here my friends!


          Head T-Tapp Trainer

          Lani Muelrath, MA, CGFI, CPBN, T-Tapp Trainer

          blog: Lani's Blog
          Fitness Expert for Dr. John McDougall's Health and Medical Center


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            Hear, hear! I completely agree w/ Lani. I have a Pilates certification from Power Pilates. My friends have told me that although they like Pilates, they don't seem to get their heart rate up enough to get a good workout. Great opening b/c I tell them that combining Pilates w/ T-Tapp, you get a powerful workout. They both focus on the core, but T-Tapp is so much more... and I have to say I've never come across a program that promises inch loss and actually delivers what it promises.

            By doing T-Tapp, I am able to do the more difficult core moves from Pilates with ease. And Pilates' focus on the Powerhouse helps me focus on my abdominals in addition to my lats, butt, KLT, shoulder-hip alignment in T-Tapp.

            Esther C. Williams
            T-Tapp Trainer, Los Angeles, CA

            Esther Choi Williams
            New Jersey/New York
            Senior T-Tapp Trainer
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