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You can try this at home! Shoulder/Hip alignment

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  • You can try this at home! Shoulder/Hip alignment

    Shoulder & Hip Alignment

    We all know that making sure our linear alignment is good is one way of tweaking our workouts for enhanced inch loss. Well, I was thinking about Sherry's wonderful way of making sure that the knee is bent enough, and then thought about using THAT to help make sure hips & shoulders are aligned. Here's what you do.

    First, put on something that shows your body. Ally!! Put those black fishnet hose BACK!! You know that wasn't what I meant!! <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle> Put on some leggings or shorts. Nothing baggy. & a short T-shirt or top that is form fitting. You'll want to be able to SEE yourself to make sure you are in alignment.

    Now, find a full length mirror, like on the back of a door. If you donítí have one, you can get them at a reasonable price at most Walmart type stores or yard sales. Face the wall next to it, so that you can look to one side & see your standing profile.

    Touch your toes to the wall, now bend your knees, as Sherry has described, so that your knees bend enough to touch the wall. Roll your shoulders back & down, engaging lats. If you arenít feeling it yet, keep it up. Your nerves & muscles may still be getting to know each other! Theyíll be communicating, just keep working all that neuro-kinetic flow!

    Here's where you go on to check hip & shoulders. Look over to the left (or right, depending on where the mirror is!) tuck, KLT, and look at the mirror. Your shoulders should be directly above your hips. Not too far forward, not too far backward.

    When they are EXACTLY above the hips, close your eyes & FEEL it. Now, look to the front & down...make sure you are NOT leaning to the left or right. Make sure that your shoulders are directly above the hip bones in this respect as well. This is usually easier than making sure you don't lean forward or back. Look again to the side & be sure that you have stayed in alignment there. Say out loud, "My shoulders & hips are in alignment. This is how it should feel. This is how it should be when I work out." Now you have FELT it, SEEN it and HEARD it.

    When you next workout, stop the tape in the middle of each move & check your form. If it starts getting out of alignment, go back to the wall & remember how it feels.

    One thing Teresa stressed at the FL clinic was knowing how it feels so that you can duplicate it, even if you don't have a mirror.

    This has helped me! I hope it helps you as well!
    T-Tapp Trainer in Training, Studying for ACE Certification