dark-underarm.jpgIt’s the skin that doesn’t see a lot of sun, doesn’t get much attention, but most of us put something on it daily – it’s your armpits.

More of us are learning that at the very least, we should use deodorant and not antiperspirant because of the potential for aluminum build up – but no one wants to run the risk of stinky pits. Antiperspirants cause a chemical reaction in our armpits -- aluminum ions are taken into the cells that line the eccrine-gland ducts in the top layer of our skin. When the aluminum ions are drawn into the cells, water passes in with them. As more water flows in, the cells begin to swell, squeezing the ducts closed so that sweat can't get out. But, that also means you have aluminum in your skin tissue – and all skin is a giant sponge. That’s one of the dangers of topical products that we often forget – they are absorbed into the body through the skin. Toxins and poisons and heavy metals can build up in the body because of the products we use on our hair, our skin, and our armpits!

We also shave our armpits which can lead to irritation and ingrown hairs. Dull razors and products high in alcohol can lead to rashes and burning – ouch! Our poor armpits are the most overlooked area of skincare on our bodies!

primal_pit_paste.jpgThis year at Expo West I found a product that I love for healthy, stink-free armpits – Primal Pit Paste.

Primal Pit Paste is aluminum and paraben-free. The company also uses organic components to make a deodorant that works really well. Whether you try a stick or the paste, the organic coconut and organic shea butter help to keep your skin healthy and bacteria-free. Non-aluminum baking soda and organic arrowroot powder help keep your armpits dry and lovely essential oil combinations keep you smelling good.

I also find that Primal Pit Paste works well on stinky feet and my friend also uses it under her breasts for that added perspiration we experience here in Florida.

amy.jpgPrimal Pit Paste is the brainchild of Amy Cazin who is based here in Tampa (it really is a small world!) Her grade school aged daughter came home with noticeable body odor and Amy found out that other parents were having similar problems – but also shared her concerns about the products available to help deal with the issue. Amy is also an athlete and noticed that many of the sponsors of races and other events are companies that sell products loaded with toxins that cause the very problems that they were sponsoring races to cure. Amy’s primal instinct to protect her daughter and other children turned into a fabulous product and a burgeoning business.

So if you’re finding that you’re in the pits and need a little help but don’t want to pay a heavy (metal) price for it – check out one of my favorite finds – Primal Pit Paste. (I love the lemonade and lemongrass/thyme scents!)