Secretary-typing-in-old-f-007.jpgEvery day we hear from people here at T-Tapp who have just discovered the power of mindful movement. We love it when you share your stories with us! I was tickled pink the other day when I popped over to and saw this review posted about Basic Plus by Spoonful Of Sugar:
ďI have been an athlete all my life. I used to teach dance and have been into lots of outdoor sports such as surfing, running, hiking, and owned a horse for a long time which I rode several times per week, plus the usual gym workouts such as yoga, pilates, cross fit, etc. I dabbled in body building too, but never competed. The point is, I've done lots of different types of exercise and have a lot of experience to compare T-Tapp to.

Due to prolonged illness I got completely out of shape and was extremely weak. Once I was ready to exercise again, it was like starting all over from the beginning. After a long hospital stay awhile back, there was a long time where daily tasks such as dong laundry were taxing for me. Working out again and building up from being so weak has been a real challenge. I've been exercising for several months now and when I saw a PBS special about T-Tapp I figured I would give it a try.

After the first workout I could feel something. It's hard to describe, but I just felt more pulled up, stronger. During the first workout I felt very warm and it felt great, different than I had felt with any other workout. Within about a week, my posture changed drastically. I felt stronger, more balanced, my shoulders naturally in the position they should be and not slumped and my core felt stronger. This is with the 15 minute workout, not the longer one!!!!

After 2 weeks of doing T-Tapp, I took my dog to the beach and without even thinking of it I just started running with him. I was enjoying myself so much just moving freely. I had been trying to run again for months with no success. T-Tapp isn't even a running program. There is no impact at all. Yet it gave me the ability to run and jump around in the waves with my dog, something I have wanted to do for a long time. On the way back to our car my kids took off running across the sand and I ran and laughed with them. Believe me, before doing 2 weeks of T-Tapp there was NO way I could have done that. I had tried plenty of times.

Having been a dance teacher I picked up on the correct form and technique immediately. If you are not coordinated or have never exercised before, take your time. Do the instructional video for a long time before you move the regular workout. There are a lot of things to think about during the exercises- the positioning of your pelvis, your shoulders, your knees, your abs, etc.

This is a workout I will do for life. I'm still doing other types of exercise because I enjoy it, but I think T-Tapp could be your only workout program and you will get great benefits.Ē
Isnít that a great story! Spoonful of Sugar has since joined our forums and goes by the handle of Sandsurfgirl Ė make sure to give her some T-Tapp support!

I also received a wonderful email note from new T-Tapper Merrill. Hereís what she had to say:
ďHi! I've had a thyroid disorder diagnosed now since approx 2008. I'm still on a fairly low dose of 75 mcg per day. I had reached a plateau of 130 lbs which was heavy for me at 5'1". I Googled exercises for heavy knees (water retention!) and T-Tapp came up. I have been doing the exercises since the first part of October. Mostly "thread the needle' and the other one that goes along with it. I do these once daily 1 set 8 reps each leg. I have also been taking green coffee bean capsules since October as well. Within 5 days...I lost 5 pounds and have kept it off! The exercises have really firmed me up! I tried on my size 6 pants that I had in the back of my closet because I thought I'd never be able to wear them. The pants now skim on me, and I just bought a junior size 4 at Express -- it fits beautifully on me! I can see and feel the difference. I am no longer bulging out of size 6's and I no longer need my size 8's. Iím feeling and looking wonderful. The T-Tapp exercises were the best route I have EVER taken!!!! Thank you sooooooo much! I really really recommend this easy to do method!!!!! All it takes is 15 minutes a day! Thank goodness for Google! A happy customer...Merrill"
I love hearing from T-Tappers!! If you havenít been to our page on Amazon, check it out! Thereís a free sit-down mini-workout right on the page; just scroll down a bit. Mindful movement and muscle activation are a powerful combination.basic plus.jpg

Are you scratching your head about why T-Tapp works so well and so quickly? I let you in on a little secret; itís a combination of things. Unlike most exercise programs, T-Tapp is full fiber muscle activation which gives powerful results, but itís also the sequence of the moves. I know it looks very simple but the sequence in which you do the T-Tapp moves is very specific. And finally, the pacing of the moves -- itís like interval training. So, you expend huge amounts of glucose during Primary Back Stretch. Then I target your heart rate right after that. Then I bring down your heart rate with reach scoops. Next we focus on core activation and then we end with a good burst of lymphatic and heart pumping with Hoe Downs. Every single move is very calculated!

So now you can see why the three minute moves in TappCore can get results in just nine minutes a day and why the 15 minute workout can work wonders. Even that free sit down workout on will help you tone and tighten!