As Iíve been putting my own health journey back into order, Iíve found a lot of things that are vital to me: Silver Magik and Miracle II from Global Light, NAC from Julie at Baileyís Naturals, NERIUM for my skin, Penta Water, Barleanís fish oil Swirlís, my brand of alfalfa for everything, and magnesium oil. But I knew I was missing somethingÖuntil Jane Babcock and her sister Susan presented How To Make Your Own Liposomal Vitamin C at the Retreat.

Jane has been after me for months to try this. I even wrote about it in the last newsletter. But of course, Iím strapped for time especially as we were putting the Retreat together. After what I learned from Jane and Susan and how I felt, I think Iíll always make time to make my own. Liposomal C has a 95% absorption rate which is powerful help for skin, hair, adrenal glands, liver health, kidney health, and cancer control. Iíve always thought the 50% absorption rate from our Immune Boost was impressive (and it is easy for traveling) but when Iím at home, Iíll be spooning out the liposomal C! Linus Pauling did amazing research into the power of vitamin C and its wide array of health benefits. If you donít know about Pauling Ė he was considered one of the most important scientists of the 20th Century and one of the most influential chemists in history. You can find his books here, his final book was one of his best!

amazon with caption.jpgJane has been gracious enough to share the recipe for making your own liposomal vitamin C on forums and apparently quite a few T-Tappers have been over at Amazon placing orders Ė Go Jane! Hereís the shopping list of things youíll need: ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, 2 mason jars, rose hips, non-GMO lecithin (Mary Shomon notes that itís a safe derivative from soy), and water Ė I like using Penta. While it does take some time to make, I think youíll find Ė like I did Ė itís worth it. Jane (and Susan) were oh-so-right!!

My lunch partner during Jane and Susanís presentation was Dr. Sara Gottfried. She was impressed with the research Jane and Susan had dug up; especially since Dr. Sara is a researcher and practicing physician too. Midway through Janeís presentation, Dr. Sara mentioned to me that liposomal C would be great for women because vitamin C is a building block for progesterone. Cue the angelic choir Ė it was an A-HA moment for me!! Alfalfa helps regulate and support the pituitary gland which in turn balances estrogen (Iíll tell you more about that later) and now we have a form of vitamin C that will dramatically help progesterone balance. (Read more here.)

Iím off to make another batch of liposomal C, I find Iím practically craving it