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  1. Why T-Tapp Resets Your Metabolism

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ID:	5649Man has been burning fat for fuel for years and not just in our bodies; we figured out that we can make lanterns and candles and produce heat from fat.

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ID:	5647All along our bodies were doing on the inside what we were doing on the outside. Three things have to happen for our bodies to burn fat: it must be released from a fat cell (lipolysis), it must travel through the blood stream to another cell to be used as fuel and it has to ...
  2. EMFs - It is bigger than people realize

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ID:	5641I said it for years and people looked at me like I was a bit kooky – cellphones are not good for us, especially when we put that powerful battery next to our heads (brains); that electromagnetic field is interacting with our own fields.

    With over 1.9 billion cellphone users in the world and 208 million here in the US (and growing daily), scientists now have concerns that we are on the verge of an international health crisis. Dr. George Carlo, former ...
  3. A Better Night of Sleep

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ID:	5620Most of us know there are different levels of sleep even if only because when we get good sleep it just feels so good.

    In the 1950s, the advent of the electroencephalograph allowed scientists to monitor what happens in the brain and the implications of different cycles of sleep. There are two types of sleep (REM and Non-REM) and sleep is divided into four stages. REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement; Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	5618this is called active sleep; ...
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  4. The Secrets of Salt

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ID:	5604Minerals are an important key to rebuilding thyroid and adrenal health, and for years Dr. Carolyn Dean has said that we need to add some high quality Himalayan Sea Salt to our drinking water. In part this is because it has trace minerals our hormonal systems so badly need!

    So how much salt is enough? Thatís a good question! Most of the health organizations recommend between 1500 and 2300 mg of salt a day (about a teaspoon) to lower blood pressure and reduce ...
  5. Luscious Locks: Fight the Frizz and Get Gorgeous Hair

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ID:	5589Just as winter can be tough on our hair, so can summer; and of course, we all know that aging can exhibit itself in our hair as well. We know, thanks to our dear friend/T-Tapper Mary Shomon, that thyroid dysfunction shows up in our hair as thinning hair. She has a great book called "The Thyroid Guide to Hair Loss" that looks at the full range of hormonally-related hair loss, and natural and conventional medical ways to resolve it. Her guide walks you through ...
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