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  1. Let It Go! How to kill cravings.

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ID:	5438Recent research verifies that the scent of vanilla can cut your desire for sweets in half. How? It boosts serotonin, a hormone that nixes sugar cravings.

    Dampen a cotton ball with vanilla extract, carry it in a ziploc bag and inhale as needed! I happen to enjoy vanilla and only use organic pure brands (I really like Singing Dog Vanilla Bean Paste or Singing Dog Vanilla Extract, both are available through, but I still have an old bottle of ...
  2. Walk It! (And some of my shoe recommendations)

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ID:	5424Many people shake their heads at T-Tapp’s mantra of just 8 reps – they have a hard time believing that such powerful change can come from something so simple – well sort-of simple, lol. I’ve also been a long-time proponent of walking as a superior form of exercise. Yep – just simple bi-ped motion has huge health and fitness implications. Well, more studies are verifying how powerful ...
  3. Spring and Summer Beauty Tips I Love

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ID:	5448I was enjoying my magazine time the other day when I happened upon an article that made me say, “Hmmm. I didn’t know that!” What made me scratch my head? Bobby Pins!

    Did you know that it’s the bumpy side of bobby pins that is supposed to touch your scalp? Me either! This is what keeps bobby pins from sliding out. Also, once the two legs of a bobby pin cross over themselves, that pin is ruined for life – use it for something else (here’s some great ideas!) ...
  4. I Love Sunshine...and Pink Flamingos. It's not what you think :)

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ID:	5417I believe that sunshine is good for our body... I used to sunburn very easily but not anymore as long as I consume carrots before and during exposure and avoid acidic foods like salsa or anything with lime. I also use organic coconut oil to moisten and protect my skin. I do, however, use the patented, moisturizing Lyphazome Technology Sunscreen by Celazome on my face and neck. It provides time-released sunscreen protection! One application provides 8 hours of protection ...
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  5. Some Things Don't Go Together

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ID:	5399Now that warm weather has finally arrived I want to make everyone aware of the danger in mixing sunscreen and bug spray. Spring and summer arrive, and we all want to be outdoors but in many parts of the country (especially here in Florida) we have to battle the bugs. I’ve said in many of our newsletters that I believe there is great health value to being in the sun, as long as you are sensible about it. Personally I use coconut oil for sunscreen and I ...

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