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  1. I Love It When We Chat on Facebook :)

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ID:	5823Yep, thatís really me posting away on my Facebook page and responding to you all too. I guess other people hire someone to post, tweet, and comment for them, but Iím a T-Tapper just like everyone else (except for that last name thing Ė lol!) and I really do my own posting.

    I truly appreciate when people send me messages on Facebook and on our forums!

    Recently a couple of people posted on my wall and I loved what they had to say:
  2. I KNEW I Was Right

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ID:	5816We know that sitting is the new smoking, but now Stanford has sealed the deal. In a new study published in the American Journal of Medicine, after analyzing obesity trends, researchers have noticed that we arenít really eating more Ė we arenít moving as much! Thereís been a sharp decline over the last 20 years in the amount of physical exercise we get vs. an increase in body mass index.

  3. Is Your House Secretly the Scariest One on the Block?

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ID:	5807The fun of Halloween is almost here and cute kids will be knocking at the door asking for treats soon. Halloween has become one of the most popular holidays in America in recent years. Many communities are offering alternative events like trick or treating on Main Street or ďtrunk or treatingĒ with decorated cars whose trunks are loaded with treats for local kids.

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ID:	5806Sadly, many people are handing treats that are full of weird ingredients ...
  4. Bump Up the B12 Especially When You Turn Back Your Clock

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    With holiday season right around the corner and our hours of sunlight becoming shorter, I take time to boost my body's levels of B12 with our B12+.

    All of the products in our online store are nutraceuticals I stand behind, especially the ones I had formulated. Our B12+ is a perfect example! I had B12+ created because I know that B12 deficiencies are rampant in our country and most B12 supplement products are lacking.
  5. Another Way to Kick Dementia to the Curb

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    If youíre struggling to get a good nightís sleep, I can relate! There are many reasons why we canít sleep and most of them are fleeting; but sometimes life gangs up on us and one or two sleepless nights turn into weeks and sometimes months of counting sheep to no avail.

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ID:	5799The one thing you do NOT want to do is reach for sleeping pills like benzodiazepines which are prescribed for anxiety and sleeping problems! ...
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