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  1. Cowpooling Because Grassfed Beef Really Is Worth It

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ID:	5718Remember Clara, the grumpy old lady on TV who would demand to know, “Where’s the Beef?!” If she were alive today she’d want to know, Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	5717“Where’s the REAL Beef?!” Factory farming of cattle and the use of grain as a way to fatten them up quickly is making acid resistant pathogens which our acidic stomachs used to destroy. Those pathogens are so strong that they are starting to kill us when we used to be able to easily kill them off without even ...
  2. T-Tapp Is More Than a Workout... Let Me Explain

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ID:	5712Recently I was part of the lineup for the web summit called Thin Within – Rewire 2014 hosted by Marna Thall. Thin Within includes top experts from NLP, EFT, Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Nutrition, TWR, Visualization and other transformational techniques to move beyond diets and holistically heal your relationship with food, your weight, and your body. You can hear me and all the other guests by clicking here, and Marna is recording everything so if you want to purchase all of ...
  3. Brain Body Fitness Floor is Fantastic


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ID:	5704At this year’s Retreat, I put great focus on the new Brain Body Fitness Floor (BBFF) moves. I am so excited to share this new information with everyone and to see everyone getting such great results so easily. That’s not to say that Floor isn’t challenging, it is! But the great thing about BBFF is that by working on the floor our bodies are in natural alignment thanks to help from gravity. Being on the floor takes one thing off the list ...
    Teresa Tapp , Newsletter
  4. Round Up All the Roundup (and get rid of it!)

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ID:	5694Anyone who has followed me at all either here or on Facebook knows I am no fan of Monsanto and their underhanded politics. Well, even after my own health challenges thanks to Roundup, I have another reason to shake my fist in the air at the mention of their name.
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    In a recent edition of the journal Interdisciplinary Toxicology, scientists looked at Glyphosate (aka Roundup) and its relationship to modern diseases. One of the conclusions ...
    Teresa Tapp , Newsletter
  5. T-Tapp Helps You Stand Tall(er)

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ID:	5688I get wonderful emails and Facebook messages every day which I love, love, love! But every so often one comes along that truly surprises me.

    I’ve always known that power of posture is miraculous – when you unkink the main channel of your energy – aka your spine – everything realigns and opens up for better mind-to-muscle, brain-body communication; but T-Tapper Katherine G floored me with her power of posture story. She Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	5689gained ...
    Teresa Tapp , Newsletter
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