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  1. LA Retreat and REALLY Early Bird Rewards for August

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ID:	5362In March I was in Los Angeles scouting out how, when, and where we could offer a clinic for my West Coast T-Tappers; and last month I asked for your feedback on what kind of event you all would like to have. Well, itís all come together beautifully!

    I will be offering three (!!!) comprehensive T-Tapp Clinics per day on May 31st and June 1st at the Beverly Garland Hotel in North Hollywood. These will be special clinics with extra emphasis on how to maximize ...
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  2. Still Having Trouble with the Time Change? Mary Shomon Can Help!

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ID:	5343Our adrenal glands and thyroid are best friends and we need to pay attention to both of them Ė in fact whatever happens to one dramatically affects the other one. In fact, many people work hard to treat their thyroid dysfunction, but donít realize that their adrenals are compromised tooÖand so they just donít bounce back. In short, you canít have one without the other is the rule of thumb for the relationship between the thyroid and adrenals.

    Mary Shomon, ...
  3. It Still Fits!

    Itís one of those things we often joke about Ė ďI wonder if I can I still fit in my wedding dress?Ē Imagine that question after 19 years and 9 children!! I was on Facebook the other day (yes, it really is me that is on there!) when I saw this post from Julie Osborne:

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ID:	5348Today is our wedding anniversary. Thanks to this 60-day challenge, when I just now put on my wedding dress, it FIT!! (Photo in comments.) That was 19 years, 9 kids, and many pounds ago. The
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  4. Know Whatís In Your Food

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ID:	5353I recently posted an article on my Facebook Page from The Atlantic magazine that knocked me back on my heels. I feel itís very important that we all stop and consider the effect of neurotoxins (and excitotoxins which arenít mentioned in the article) on our brain health.

    The article focused on the work of Dr. David Bellinger, a professor of neurology at Harvard. In a paper Dr. Bellinger wrote for the National Institutes of Health (NIH), he compared the IQs ...
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  5. I Found a Secret for Cultivating Good Health

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ID:	5332Last month I shared some of the new products I found at Expo West with you, but I held back on a few because I wanted to help them stand out a little. One of those products was Liovi Yogurt. I have always said that pain has been my best teacher and because of my own back injuries I developed T-Tapp. The same is true of Liovi! This is a unique yogurt because it's not only lactose-reduced (85% less than regular low fat yogurt) but it has a patented strain of lactobacillus ...

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