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  1. Hoe Downs: Little Move With BIG Results

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ID:	5226I know I’ve said it before – Hoe Downs are really deceptive. They look like this crazy little move that uses arms, legs and a good bobble here and there; what’s more, if you don’t do them perfectly they still payoff. Hoe Downs are multi-purpose. They force your brain to work on both sides (left and right) when you cross your midline – that’s why those singles feel so confusing the first times you do them. Hoe Downs also give you ...
  2. 50 Shades...of Sugar

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ID:	5240We all know too much sugar is bad, makes our bodies acidic, and helps create wrinkles. But I’m a firm believer that everything God created has its place – and that’s true of sugar as well. We can’t demonize sugar totally, it fuels every cell in the brain. But, when we overload on sugary foods, it changes the part of the brain that controls how much we want to eat. In fact, binging on sugar causes changes in the brain that are similar to those of people trying to kick ...
  3. T-Tapp For Horsing Around

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ID:	5235T-Tapp principles work with whatever workout you love and you can apply the principles to anything you’re doing whether it’s sitting in an office chair…or a saddle!

    Recently, Patrice Buccirelli interviewed me for an article called “Ride Without Pain” for the magazine Horse Illustrated. It’s not Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	5234the mane and tail issue (lol!) but I was so happy because they actually featured three T-Tapp exercises WITH photos!

  4. Remembering Angelo and His Inspiration

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ID:	5243For the past three years, our Raffles for Research have benefited Angelo Ballestero. Angelo had been dealing with osteosarcoma (bone cancer) and after undergoing traditional treatment, they discovered he also had a very rare form of anemia called Diamond Black Fan Anemia. Angelo is the only case doctors had encountered of someone living with both of these disorders. As you can imagine, Angelo’s family (Shelly, Angelo Sr., and Chris) spent quite a bit of time in hospitals ...
  5. T-Tapp Tips Gone Wild

    We are midway through the 60 Day Challenge! I know many of you are not officially participating in The Challenge, but I’ve been a guest in some of the support groups for people who are. I did a 75 minute phone call recently that was jammed full of T-Tapp tips, whys, and hows…and how to make moves do even more.

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ID:	5231It was such a great call and so full of good information that I want to share it with you all even if you’re not officially doing our Challenge. ...
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