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  1. Sneaky Name Change You Should Be Aware Of

    Every day, corporations look to increase their shareholders’ value (I know this so well from having been a stock broker years ago) and all too often these days when it comes to food products, it’s at the expense of our health.

    According to the Corn Refiners Association (CRA), there’s been a sneaky name change and you’re going to have to be even more aware when you read labels. The term ‘fructose’ is now being ...
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  2. Getting the Most Out of #RibsUp

    The core principle that makes T-Tapp workouts so efficient and effective is how well you can maintain the T-Tapp Method of alignment to the best of your ability while moving your body. That is why I say "the stronger you get, the more challenging your workout will become and the less you will need to do it to maintain results." It is also why there is no need to increase repetitions or add weights.
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  3. Where’s The Fat?

    Losing inches feels great, doesn’t it?!

    We often talk about fat burning and we assume that we get rid of excess body fat by excretion – but guess what, it’s not in the way most of us think!

    New research has debunked our old preconceptions that when we lose weight, the fat we’re losing is burned, turned into heat or broken down into smaller parts and excreted through *eh-hem* normal ...
    Teresa Tapp , Newsletter
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  4. Breaking Up Isn’t So Hard To Do, Sugar

    Sugar sneaks into our pantries in weird places like salad dressing and granola and under lots of different names (see my previous article on 50 Shades of Sugar.) JJ Virgin has a great check list to find all the sneaky sugar sources lurking in your kitchen.

    Breaking up with sugar is hard to do though – our brains are hard-wired to ...
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  5. Are You Getting Enough? Is It Good?


    A good night is so delicious! It changes our mental and physical state and makes us feel like a new person.

    Yep, we all know how important it is to sleep, but quality of sleep is just as important. Do you sleep with your TV on? Do you sleep with your laptop or computer on? Do you sleep with a night light on? Is your cellphone always within reach? All of these can alter your body's ...
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