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Time for the NEW 60 Day Challenge!


  • Time for the NEW 60 Day Challenge!

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    On January 20, 2013, weíll be starting our new 60 Day Challenge. You can read all about the new 60 Day Challenge here. In 60 Days you can create remarkable changes in your health, fitness, and body shape. But donít take my word for it, check out this yearís participants (January and October 2012) and their results and stories. In addition to the ebook, here are all the pictures of the category winners on our website.

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    60 Day Challenge Category Winners are my special guests at our annual Fitness Retreat. One of the perks of winning a category is having your picture taken by our professional photographer, Dave Monroe*. Iím still trying to sort through the over 800 images Dave took of our winners this last year. Darn it, you all took some amazing tah-dah photos! Selecting a photo that shows each personís amazing results is really tough, but you will be able to view those in our January newsletter.

    So, is 2013 your year to give the 60 Day Challenge a try? Or maybe you want to do it again because you love the accountability and camaraderie. Whatever your reason, now is the time to register! Our publicist, Kitty Eatherly is your official 60 Day Challenge coordinator. If you have any questions you can email her at Make sure to read through the FAQ on the 60-Day Challenge page first as most of the questions you may have are answered there.

    I do want to share with you one thing Ė everyone dreads taking those before pictures. At the end of the Challenge though, youíll be glad you did. Itís one thing to see numbers and notice how you feel; itís totally different to see the changes right before your eyes Ė and not just the physical ones, itís amazing to see how many people change in their attitude, their happiness, and their confidence. So donít dread those starter photos quite so much!

    *Dave Monroe has been a photographer for 28 years. No matter how busy he is, he always makes time to photograph T-Tappers. One of the things we love about Dave is that he truly sees the beauty in each and every woman (itís one of the reasons he is so successful in the fashion photography work that he does.) Even though he works with many successful models in the industry, he knows that true beauty comes from within and he is able to capture that on film. Many people donít realize that Dave has another side to his photography work; he is an accomplished fine art photographer too. You can check out his work on his web site at and you might want a copy of his book.
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